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Life by Intentional Design

7-Figure Edge VIP Retreat Barbados 
For Dream-Driven Females

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Your Host
Michelle Margaret marques

Michelle is a world-class international speaker, author, award winning influential leader, Rich Litvin ICF Certified Transition Coach, Mind Valley Holo Body Coach qualified in Neuroscience and Rapid Transformation. Specialising in women centered coaching. With a bold and no B.S approach and a passion for the rise of women and the freedom to be who we were born to be. Michelle has a proven success record working with thousands of leaders to design their life with intention and has a vision of impacting 1 billion lives to change the world. She's been through the trenches of the battles of life, and through winning her war, she has unpacked valuable lessons to create tools that assist you in reaching new heights of success.

During this incredible Retreat

For women and couples ready to get over anything that’s stopping you from living out your soul’s calling (even if right now you don’t know what that is)…

3-Day private retreat in Barbados for individuals or couples who want a complete shift in how you see yourself and how others see you so that you're no longer the person/couple TRYING to make more income and impact...

A powerful three-day intensive, on the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados. Three days working deeply and intensely on yourself. Creating bigger dreams than you ever thought possible, then putting in place the strategy to make them happen, one tiny step at a time. Your life will change, and you will walk away clear on who you were always meant to be. And go away with a growth plan, for 8 key areas of your life to continue to work on. 

Each intensive will be unique to each individual and will include inspiring trips and activities around the island, such as swimming with turtles and coaching in a cave, all designed to up-level your thinking and creativity. In a space of acceptance and nonjudgment. Coaching is just one of the tools I use during each session, sometimes I'm a consultant, sometimes a trusted adviser, sometimes a thinking partner,  sometimes a coach, and sometimes a hybrid of all or some. 

Night one we will enjoy a private dining experience. Here, you’ll relish a two-hour, no-holds-barred session where you can “ask me anything!” — a golden opportunity to gain insights, ask for advice, and enjoy a captivating conversation.

You can share anything with me no matter how difficult, we will dig deep and find what is blocking you as we go on a journey of insights together. I will use various techniques and give you the tools you need to help you make the shifts you need to happen in your life. 

Please note travel is not included in the cost of the intensive, however, the activities and accommodation are. Unless there is something very specific you want to do, I can help you arrange it, but you will be responsible for the costs involved. 

An incredible journey of self-discovery, materialise Your Most Outrageous Dreams with Astounding Ease, make decisions like a 7-figure business owner and step into your new identity. While enjoying extraordinary experiences during your stay with me on the island.


So You Can Create Positive Change on the Planet!

The Belief You have About Who You Are, What You’re Capable of and What You’re Truly Here to Do.

If you’ve If you’re tired of seeing others skyrocket to the top with confidence while you scrap & claw your way through each day riddled with doubt, keep reading…


Your time is now! 


What if I told you that the current version of YOU, was not a match for the person you're meant to be? (stay with us...)


Because… if you WERE… well, then you would already be all that you know you can be, right?


What we mean is - the version of you right now, has to shift - and become somebody NEW - in order for you to become a vibrational match for the person you're truly meant to be.


See, most of us are living our lives based on patterns and unconscious belief systems that reflect back to us who we’ve been in our past. And this is why we find ourselves time and time again back at square 1, repeating the same stories and cycles. 


In order to grow and shift any unwanted patterns or stories, we have to commit to being willing to step into a brand new identity.


This means you need to learn how to think, feel, act and believe, in the way that the future version of you does.

How does the future version of you operate?


What do you believe about herself, and about the world?


What do you say yes to?


What do you say no to?


What do you value?

What do YOU need to move forward?


Give yourself permission to unlock your true potential, dream as big as you like, and create the life you really want to live. Once you set out on this path of personal growth, you will realise just how limitless you are.


Once you realise that only your beliefs and stories have been holding you back…

You then realise that you have the power to change those beliefs…


You come to believe...truly, anything is possible. 


Now is the time to figure it out. And we are excited to uncover this with you.

Is 7-Figure Edge Retreat Right For You? it is if...

  • You're an ambitious person (i.e.: entrepreneur, speaker, author, coach, business owner, executive, etc.) who has invested time and/or money into a solution to help you that you've never been able to fully execute consistently to win.

  • You know there's another level you have to step into to succeed.

  • You've been giving the minimum hoping to get the maximum return if you’re being real with yourself.

  • You've been giving your all but still getting nothing (even though your "all" is really only 40% of your TRUE potential).

  • You feel like you have or know you have fallen short of your potential.

  • You're questioning your purpose and if you're even supposed to do this because you lack the progress necessary to give you the self-belief you think you need to succeed.

  • You get stricken with fear and anxiety and it forces you to shut down, procrastinate, and try to find shortcuts, or excuses to not keep taking powerful action.

  •  You struggle to get clarity on what you're supposed to do and almost find comfort in being able to say you don't have clarity because clarity would force you to have to take action boldly.

  • You're ready to FINALLY shift into your ideal identity and make the impact and income you KNOW you can and should be in your business but have struggled to get up to now.

    How does your program help me make income and impact?


  • When you learn how to operate at a higher level you actually start making moves that attract and create money

  • The more progress you make and achievements you make the more confidence you build that oozes out of you every day

  • Along the process, you will have your bespoke Growth Plan and we also make sure the actions in the plan are carefully chosen because a transformational shift happens through actions, so those actions should be ones that help you achieve success and include basic tried and true success strategies.

  • You'll also be utilising past investments FULLY. So, you're taking actions and those actions, when done correctly, will allow you to build a life from top to bottom, so you start reaching goals while making powerful long-lasting internal transformations to who you are at your core.

  • You BECOME the version of yourself that creates the reality you want, makes money like it's normal and it becomes weird to not make income and impact lives.

what is the outcome of the retreat?

A complete shift in how you see yourself and how others see you so that you're no longer the person TRYING to make more income and impact...

But you ARE the person others look up to and envy because you've done the work, made the progress, reached your goals and desired achievements, and you can show income and impact.

In a nutshell: You almost effortlessly take the actions needed to succeed and finally start achieving goals faster than the flash.


What is an identity shift?


It's a shift in your self-concept that allows you to achieve on autopilot with effortless effort.

It's not changing who you are but accessing your highest level capacity of capacity and potential.

You close the gaps (identity gaps) between who you are now and the actions you take (current identity) and who you need to be that has all the things you want in life because of the consistent actions that person takes (your ideal identity).

Here’s the deal: When there’s any sort of stagnation or fear in ANY area of your life, odds are you’re coming head-to-head with a big, fat, lying limiting belief.

Limiting beliefs are those pesky ideas about who we are & what we’re able to do.

They’re the thoughts that get us all: “I can’t make THAT much!,” “I can’t actually get paid to do WHAT I LOVE!”, or “THAT client would never hire ME…”

And all of that above, my friend, is exactly why limiting beliefs are a problem.

They can stop you from living out your divine purpose.

They can stop you from taking the actions you need take to become the business owner–and person–you’re meant to be.

And worst of all? They can stop you from truly getting to experience all the beauty (and money, experiences and love!) life has to offer.

If you don’t do anything about your limiting beliefs, you could easily wind up doing what you’re doing right now for the next 40+ years, not making a single penny more than you make at this moment, destroying your reputation in your field (because it’s easy to get jaded when you’re ignoring your true purpose!), feeling disenchanted with your work or simply burning yourself out so badly you CAN’T work anymore. (Of course, these are all hypothetical–but you get the gist!)

The good news? Beliefs are actually super malleable. You can change them and move beyond them…with a little work.

The not-so-good news? If you’re ready to truly face your fears so you can live out your fate, you can’t just skim the surface.


When You Transform Your Beliefs at the Root, Everything Gets Easier


Listen: You didn’t create your limiting beliefs, but you are responsible for changing them.

If you want to experience true, lasting up levels in your career (and feel worthy of them!), you have to get crystal clear on what specific beliefs are holding you back, how they’re holding you back and exactly how you can shift them.

Then–and only then–can you truly create your life from intention and not pre-programmed beliefs.

Only then can you live out your TRUE purpose.

Luckily, there’s an actual, step-by-step PROCESS for shifting even the most damaging limiting beliefs that will help you not only think, but act differently and therefore, embody new beliefs that will change the game for you from the foundation up.

If you’re clear on your purpose, you’ll become clearer (and more confident).

If you’re unclear, you’ll finally be able to name and claim it and start working toward it.

And if you thought you were clear but weren’t 100% sure, well, you’ll doubt no more, friend.

Your purpose inevitably becomes clearer when you swap your old beliefs and start to embody who you were always meant to become.

And when that happens? The world becomes a better place all of us.

That’s why I’m offering a comprehensive training all about shifting these beliefs in a deep way so you can start living out your purpose now–not 20 years from now (or worse, never).



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