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Inner Gambit Funding Mastery

"Unlock your potential, and Live the Life you Imagine"

  • Started 2 May
  • 7,897 US dollars
  • Online

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Service Description

Inner Gambit, Funding Mastery An empowered ultimatum for women to choose themselves and say yes to the next level of Personal Evolution Imagine a life where you... Work from within to find your customised Game Plan for happiness. Are energised and excited each day as you create the best life for yourself. Have thrown comparison-it is out of the window, and use the energy intentionally to propel yourself towards a life that is right for you. Have an incredible support system of like-minded people all working with the same intensity of intention and passion toward their goals. Feel happy every day, regardless of what obstacles and roadblocks appear. Because comparing yourself to others and basing your goals on their life is keeping you stuck on a treadmill... when instead, you could be using your energy intentionally and sprint forward into the life that's right for you and that you deserve. Launch yourself into the life you want starting today. Introducing The Inner Gambit An immersive power circle and experience where we will work together on a process that will give you essential tools. You can use every day to achieve absolutely anything you want. Game-Plan A game plan for your ideal life. Confidence The core confidence you need to take action and create it. Abundance Intention A new level of intention is applied in a way you have never used before. There is a simple way to refocus that energy and propel you into the life that YOU want. The secret to launching a life you love is to transform your relationship with YOURSELF!

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