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The Self Love Journal

The Self Love Journal



Welcome to The Self Love Journal for Wildly Creative Women!


Being a businesswoman isn't just about being "good af" or "smart about" business. it's also about being able to handle your business - and life - and not let the speed bumps you encounter permanently affect you, your business, or your idea of who you are.


Because TBH?


On the path to running a successful online empire, you'll encounter lots of snags, slip-ups, hiccups, and moments where you'll want to give up.


That's where self love comes in


We get that creative women in particular can be ridiculously hard on themselves.


Have you ever poured your heart into a social media post that literally no one commented on and assumed it was because your ideas were bad or stupid?


Or helmed a launch that didn't quite turn out the way you'd planned it in your Day Designer because clearly, you're just not "cut out for" this?


Yup we've all been there.


The good news? The more you truly love yourself, the better you'll be able to navigate these tricky (and unavoidable) situations and the faster you'll be able to pick yourself up. dust off your Lululemons & get back to doing the good work you do in the world.


No matter what's going on "on the outside" whether it's a client who refuses to pay on time or a program launch that totally foos - real self-love will help you navigate anything our crazy world throws your way with (way more ease, grace, and resilience.




When you add to your self-love vault, you can extend more love to others including your friends, family, and of course- lovely paying clients. So there's that.




Journaling is not only an eye-opening self-discovery tool-it can also be done (almost) anywhere, (almost) anytime-which is fabulous news for busy business owners!


Before we dive in, know this it's okay and totally normal to feel resistance to some (or all) of these prompts. They're specifically designed to help you dig deep, discover new things about yourself & get honest. which isn't always comfortable.


"Journaling" isn't always easy but it's always worth it.


My advice? Follow your intuition,

Go with the first idea) that pops into your head. Don't overthink it or try to find the "right answer (there isn't one!], instead, go with your gut & if you need to skip o question for now do it. (Just make sure to revisit it later to get the full benefit of these juicy prompts!)


Sound good?


Then grab your favorite bevy, your journal (or Google Docs) of choice & press play on your go-to playlist, because it's time to journal your way to more sell love!

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