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Courage in owning My work!

Michelle Margaret Marques

She was moved by my story, she connected to it and with me. She sent me a message saying she needed to come and experience my work.

So we found some time and she came.

This women knew nothing of me 2 weeks ago but felt the resonance to the work I do so deeply that she just knew she had to be here. You see I am also a sexual abuse thriver (not survivor) a term I use to describe my journey through pain to thriving.

We talked about her sexual abuse and how that has affected her life, her relationships, her personal and professional success. How it has affected the romantic love and sexual relationships she has had and has now, still many years later.

We talked about how she saw herself, how she wanted to show up in this world, how she wanted to be free from the pain and feel free inside of herself.

We talked about how she wanted to be more of her, how she felt a part of her was taken or hidden under so much pain she didn't know how to reach it anymore.

We talked about the passion for life she has and the life she really wants to create, the joy she has, the love she has. The relationship she is yearning to share with her partner, and the sex and passion she is absolutely free to enjoy and explore with her partner.

We talked about how she will never be limited by this pain or any other pain again, and how she will always be free to thrive.

When we have the courage to own our work, people find us.

I regularly have people just out of the blue come and find me, often they have never heard of me before, but know they need to be here.

I appreciate being able to work and hold space with those that are tuned in that way, that are connected and understand their awareness of what brought them here.

I witness this in the spaces I am called to hold both online and in person each and every time.

I am following my purpose and mission in healing the voice in women, and teaching the importance of us doing our internal work and witnessing each woman come to a huge realisation of what her path is and what she has been, up until now, uncertain or too afraid to own.

I believe our greatest missions in life is to move into the spaces of owning our pain and creating through it.

Of understanding what our unique purpose is and the bigger impact of our journeys internally and how that inspires what we are here to impact and heal within each other.

It can be scary at times to take ownership of this, or feel worthy of it, but I believe it is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others in this lifetime. and it is what we came here to do.

This is my work...

Holding space for you to be your most vulnerable, for you to be heard in ways you have never felt heard before, to heal your voice, to gain empowerment, own your life and step out into sharing it boldly with the world.

If you are someone that is struggling to own your pain, to know that you are meant to thrive and live in joy, or to hold it in a deeply authentic way.

If you want to own your space so that you too can attract the journey that you are meant to have and the life you desire to create.

I would love to explore if I could support that.

You can check out my website to see the ways that I offer guidance and coaching for those that are called to my work.

Look At This Woman, Look Closely And You'll See Yourself!

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