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More, More, MORE

More, More, more

How badly do you want to build an incredible life?


Because most people talk about wanting to change...


You want to FEEL MORE, DO MORE and HAVE MORE. 


But you're hit with FEAR and BLOCKS standing in your way. You're afraid to try something new, or think too much about what impact you'll have on the world (which makes it tough to implement any changes).


My goal is to help you reach your true potential as a female entrepreneur by breaking down your limiting beliefs and implementing daily practices that will transform your mindset. Your life from here on out will never be the same!

Your time is now! 


More More MORE

Coaching Program


I want you to know: YOU are exactly who I’ve created More, More, MORE for. 

YOU, raised your hand and said: 

“Listen, good enough is quite possibly my enemy because good enough isn't good enough anymore.”

“I don't want to just be status quo. I don't want sea level. I don't want to get away with my brilliance playing at 78%. I want to play at my 200%.” 

You raised your hand because you know that there's More out there that you want to experience.

There's More out there that you can contribute.


And there's MORE out there with your name on it, as a matter of fact. 


And because you're ready to elevate your life to a whole new level of abundance and beyond, I want to assure you:



You inspire me, and I want to inspire YOU. 

I know you’re ready to find your greatness and own your power. But that can also come with a heavy side order of fear. 

Fear that you’re not good enough, not deserving enough, fear that you might not get accepted by the peers you want to play a bigger game with, or that your life is “pretty good”, so why should you want MORE? 

Well, believe me when I tell you, you are not alone, I have been there, shh listen closely sometimes I still feel like that (don't tell anyone I told you that).

I want you to ask yourself this question:

How badly do you want to build an incredible life?


Because most people talk about wanting to change...

Most people think about transforming their lives and starting a new chapter based on who they REALLY want to be mentally, physically, spiritually, and professionally... 

And you know what? Most people actually think they're going to get to it… someday. 

But the big kicker?

Most of the time, they simply don’t.

And do you know why? 

Because talking is easy… but action is everything.

So many of us can talk a big game so easily, claiming to be doing the deep work, and promising ourselves that THIS will be the year we start the business/let go of the unsatisfying relationships/prioritise our mental and physical health. 

But then, when we’re invited to action…


So many of us vanish like a magic dragon. 

That’s why a program like More, More, MORE requires an investment of action, time, and money.

Because when you have skin in the game like that, you separate yourself from the dreamers, the wishers, and the wanters -- and you COMMIT to building the vision for your life.

And I only want those who are ready to COMMIT..

Inside More, More, MORE, I’ll give you everything you need to transform your life, and design an incredible new level based on you becoming the person you have always known deeply YOU are born to be. This program can quite literally change your life, and I should know because it changed my life in 2019. 

This coaching program, the exercises the coaching calls and the bonuses, are designed to help you get there, and offer you tools and techniques for every step of the journey.

It is literally my life's work, I've been where you are and I have done this work, I use the same methods, tools and techniques in my own life, and it is like no other coaching program in the world.

My programs have already helped hundreds of people step into their next level and create their MORE life and every piece of the program has been honed for impact, and as a proven approach to whole-life transformation. 

Bottom line: More, More, MORE is the REAL DEAL and I have the cold hard proof to back it up. 

So let me ask you:

What are the next 3 months going to look like for you?

Will you be reading more articles, diving into new personal development books, hoping that maybe this time you’ll finally find the missing puzzle piece, or you will know enough to act on your dreams?

- OR -

Will you join the rest of us inside More, More, MORE for the step-by-step journey to:

  • start an incredible new level of your life

  • release limiting beliefs and stories

  • build your spiritual practice

  • step out of draining relationships and create new ones

  • care for yourself in delicious new ways

  • and intentionally design, AND implement, your vision for the next level of your life?

This is it. It’s your decision, and there's only you that can make that call.

I don’t want you to miss out.

So: whether you want to move forward and create the incredible momentum you deserve, and experience just how different life can be when you dare to intentionally create it…

… or you prefer to stay in a holding pattern for now...

The decision is yours.

But I have a feeling you just might be ready to build a new future. A future that matches the vision of what your extraordinary life looks like in your head.

One thing I know for sure we all want and that is MORE!

  • More Money

  • More Joy

  • More Peace

  • More Freedom

  • More Purpose

  • More Impact

  • More Life

  • More Relationships

  • More, More, MORE!

Here's the thing, you just can't dream about your ideal life. You can't just talk about it. You can't just hope for it.

You have to take deliberate, intentional, consistent action to create your dream life.


The more you take action, the more you build momentum. That is so important! But also, the more you take action, the More you build evidence that you can do this thing. And I promise, once you get in action, it'll get easier and easier to stay in more and more action.



You Are Here for MORE, Right?

You’ve got this! You know who you are. You know what you're going for. And, you know, in your heart, your purpose. You’re connected to so much more that wants to be created through you now.




Imagine really getting in touch with your vision, your purpose, and your passion, by unlocking your challenges and breaking through those self-sabotaging blocks. So, you can make quantum leaps in your business results and your life. 

You are absolutely ready. You know this is your time! Let’s be truthful here - you've been messing around for so long and You are sick of it!

The conversation you have with yourself goes like this:

“Done it again, I am done, I just need to get over myself, but I don't know what the key is, or where to even start.”


You can see that things are holding you back and you're so annoyed, you are over it! The pain is now unbearable! You're not quite sure how to move forward onto your next phase and crush sh*t!

It doesn't have to take you another 3, 5, or 10 years to do XYZ. But you know,  you could change your results (like yesterday). Let's start now and begin a journey of giant strides forward.

This is exactly why I want to tell you about my More, More, MORE group coaching program. This program is everything, and it feels more relevant than ever right now. When you experience it, you will realise this is the missing piece that ties everything else you have been doing together. The pillars I teach in this program are needed in the new world we find ourselves in. I feel called to share it with as many people as possible.


More is a language

More is an invitation from your heart to elevate. 

Somewhere along your life journey, you replaced your vision with safety, comfort, control, “have to’s”, and compromise. In stead of MORE.

It has meant that the real “you” got further from you and you adapted & inherited your family’s ways of being, your culture’s way of creating money, and settled for good enough. 

Listen, I get it because you can be a high achiever, create great money & even be on purpose thru all these adaptations and inheritances. 

Inside, you know there’s a greater being. A version of you that is wild, free, and infinitely destined for an overflowing life. 

She is your MORE, your heart, and your light! 


I’ve coached a lot of powerful creators, leaders, and even soul-driven entrepreneurs who haven’t fully surrendered to their MORE.


But when you do step all the way in…wow 🤩 that’s when life gives you everything you’ve ever dreamed possible & more. 


It won’t always look the way you expect it to. It’ll scare you, anger you, and confuse you!


Your vision has NO obligation to inform you of what’s ahead or why…


Here’s what it comes down to, 


Do you choose to follow your vision without knowing the game plan or what’s next?


If you are, that’s where ALL the giant leaps happen. 

This is when you ELEVATE & all the abundance of life will open for you.

This is how you Elevate to a life of MORE.


The elevator “up” is here. Your heart has reached out to you & invited you onto the next floor up and beyond. 

Are you taking the ride?










I'm the creator of a number of bestselling programs including Life by Intentional Design, More, More, MORE, and The Life by Intentional Design Mastermind my signature coaching program combining proven strategies.


Just like many of you, I struggled with Who I Am, afraid of stepping fully into the powerful presence of who I know I am inside. In going on my own personal development journey, I began working with a personal coach, I discovered that the more intentional I became about the life I wanted to create, the more I created the life I wanted. That then set me on the current journey to help others in their own quest for more and develop my seven pillars.


Using my programs, my clients have achieved phenomenal results, including More Income, More Peace, More Impact,  More Freedom to Be Themselves in just a few short weeks, and much MORE.


Above all, I am passionate about helping YOU design a life that fits you, to be free to be yourself in all aspects of life – relationships, business, money, career, health, impact – a whole life overhaul to have the life and impact you were born for – peaceful, calm, free. A Life of MORE.


My Core Message


“You’ve Got This.”

This is who you are, what you are born for. 


My Purpose

To change the world so that people are free to be themselves. 


Don't Take My Word For IT.

Here's what some clients who have taken the plunge have had to say:



"You incredible woman!"

Michelle is a powerful and intuitive leader. As her coaching client, she has the most loving way of pushing and challenging you in just the right ways you need to be challenged to truly transform, elevate, and achieve the life, mindset, and vision of your wildest dreams. Our first session together was so expansive I knew without a shadow of a doubt that she was the perfect coach for me. In under a month of working together, my investment in her paid off 10-fold financially and 100-fold in my relationship, energetic, and emotional health. As we continue to work together, I genuinely feel like the sky is the limit and that I am capable of anything with her by my side. 

Honestly, none of this would have happened without me making a commitment to myself to be coached by you and without you showing up so powerfully to challenge, embrace, and shepherd me through all of it.

I am raising my vibration and just getting used to living in this new beautiful reflection of my thinking. My level of gratitude is off the charts exponentially right now for you, you incredible woman! 

Katie Webster, Coach


"Powerful Force"

Michelle Margaret Marques is a powerful force. She has an impact on all who meet her. If you are able... go meet her! 


Catherine, Executive Coach


"Working with Michelle has been thought-provoking and productive".

Working with Michelle has been thought-provoking, empowering and productive. As a solopreneur, it's easy to get stuck in place or even worse go around in endless circles doing the same thing over and over getting the same results. Having her own beauty brand and partnering with other founders, she knows the challenges, the opportunities, the struggles, the ups and downs, and speaks my language. Talking to Michelle has given me perspective, fresh new ideas, and the incentive, motivation and support to implement them with an action plan. She gave me the courage to put myself out there more and get to know my customers on a more personal basis. Her advice has made a significant, positive, tangible impact on my business results and I am truly grateful. With her holistic approach, she's part business partner, part sister, part shaman. I truly appreciate her generosity in sharing her expertise, experience and inspiration, I love working with her and highly recommend her to others!

Heather Fink, Founder The Sexiest Beauty


"What a beautiful gift you are!"

My entire life shifted in the time I spent with Michelle. I am beyond grateful.

I am implementing the super easy, yet totally effective strategies she offered me on a daily basis. It has allowed me to continue manifesting in the great energies we discovered together. I will recommend her to anyone who desires positive change and happiness in their life!

​Lisa Anderson, Coach


"Life Saving" 


"I can’t thank you enough for making my call with Michelle happen today. She probably saved my life. THANK YOU"

Geri Ehrlich Barnstable

Being willing to jump in shows your courage & willingness to be led to serve a higher plan. 


It’s for these reasons that so few make the quantum leap to More, More, MORE.


The journey you are about to undertake is vulnerable & deeply rewarding! 


The only requirement is your willingness to receive your vision and take unwavering actions of intention. 

You already know if you’re destined for this level of activation…

You’ve walked through plenty that’s shown you not to compromise WHO YOU ARE. 

Now it’s time for your next level! More is an invitation to activate beyond where you are NOW. 


If you are like me, you want MORE, you want to overcome obstacles, be seen as a leader, live your purpose and create the life you truly want to live, right?



If your answer was HELL-YES, then this group coaching program would be right for you!


I’ll guide you through the stepping stones you need to:

● Overcome your limiting beliefs.

● Let go of emotional blockages.

● Gain a new perspective.

● Transform your behavioural patterns.

● Change the way you view your life and the world.

● Overhaul the way you speak about your world/reality.

● Create a meaningful vision for a life that fits you, and ultimately step into who you need to be in order to make it all happen. 



This program gives you six months of short, practical, and juicy sessions, with simple steps to help grow your action muscle. That’s 6 months of taking bigger, bolder, more extraordinary action.


The core of the program is my:

‘Seven Pillars of Life by Intentional Design!

This is the term I’m using for the various ways to create my own life design. I arrived at this as I went through my own personal development journey. In doing so I discovered that the more intentional I became about the life I wanted to create, the more I created the life I wanted. 

I came to realise the processes I had learned to be intentional about implementing have become the pillars of my life. I also have a proven successful track record working with entrepreneurs and impactful leaders to design their life with intention. and that is why they are the core values of my coaching process and why I developed this methodology.


How does the program work?



This process I have developed primarily consists of a combination of these seven

pillars ultimately leading you to step up.


  • Designing your life vision.

  • Use patterns from your past to inform your future.

  • Changing your language. (Your word creates your world)

  • Changing your perspective and mindset.

  • Guiding you to the powerful person, you are inside.  

  • Up-levelling the actions you take.

  • Increasing the results, you get. (More, More, MORE)


All underpinned by Transition and Mindset Coaching.


My mission is to use these ‘pillars’ to support other women to be free to be themselves and achieve quantum leaps in income, success, and impact.

Changing what they need to and creating a life that truly fits them.


Secure your spot today and begin your journey, you got this, this is who

you were born to be. This is fully immersive and interactive, aimed at messing with your mindset, and disrupting what is not working in your life and it will be a transformative journey into being, doing and having MORE. 


The best part is you’ll get instant access to the program.


Are you ready? Well then let’s GO! 



Bonus 1


All participants will have complimentary 12 month access to the IntentioNai Community, and complimentary access to Life by Intentional Design Membership.


Value $1100 


This is fully immersive and interactive, aimed at messing with your mindset, and disrupting what is not working in your life and it will be a transformative journey into being, doing and having MORE. 






Vulnerability Workshop:


Three hours of Deep Coaching and Connection.


My intention is that you wake up the next morning with a Vulnerability Hangover. That feeling of “I can't believe that I shared so much with a stranger…” And—if you don't wake up with a Vulnerability Hangover—you probably didn't go deep enough.


You know that feeling when you join a program where you don't know anyone, and it takes a session or more to relax enough to connect with people and begin to feel like yourself? Well, it turns out that vulnerability is a shortcut to deep connection.

  • A powerful and intimate questionnaire to answer prior to the event.

  • An evening of exercises and challenges, the evening before the main event, allows you to show up the next morning with a sense of ease and connection that will take you ten times deeper.

Value $1497






Private 1-1 Session:


60 minute personal coaching session to work deeply on any challenge you need.


Value $1000


My job as your coach isn’t to give you what you want. It’s to give you what you need. Whilst I know you want Knowledge and of course, I will be sharing Knowledge. In life, there are no easy answers. There's no one magic way of doing things. The main objective of the day is to draw out the Wisdom that is already innately inside of you. Wisdom involves perspective, the ability to make sound judgments, and the willingness to know what you don’t know and wisdom lies at the intersection between insight and intuition. Developing wisdom is a lifelong and sometimes arduous process—it requires patience and humility—and you will be transformed in the process.


I will share my knowledge but also draw out your wisdom.

I will share personal stories that share my journey, knowledge, and wisdom. Lots of questions to provoke your thinking. And ways for you to find your own answers. Challenges that have you do things you're afraid of doing so that you see courage is what you need and confidence is a result. 


You will get comfortable feeling uncomfortable.


Exercise: such as writing a handwritten letter about all the reasons you are in love with the life you are creating and energy audits will also be included.  


It will be intense; I will stretch your thinking. You will leave each session with a head or a journal—full of your own insights and ideas, not mine, however, “ Insights and Ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just a multiplier. Execution is worth millions.”


The only reason I run an immersive program is to change the world! 

That's my mission for every program I run.


That sounds like an impossible goal, right? That's my specialty, helping you create impossible goals. There's only one way to change the world. 


It's one person at a time…


A powerful leadership three day intensive, on the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados. Three days working deeply and intensely on yourself. Creating bigger dreams than you ever thought possible, then putting in place the strategy to make them happen, one tiny step at a time.


Your life will change, you will walk away clear on who you were always meant to be, a game plan and five elements of your life to continue to work on.


Each intensive will be unique to each individual and will include inspiring trips and activities around the island, all designed to up-level your thinking and creativity. In a space of acceptance and non judgement.


Coaching is just one of the tools I use during each session, sometimes I'm a consultant, sometimes a trusted adviser, sometimes a thinking partner, sometimes a coach, and sometimes a hybrid of all or some. You can share anything with me no matter how difficult, we will dig deep and find what is blocking you as we go on a journey of insights together. I will use various techniques and give you the tools you need to help you make shifts you need to happen in your life.


Everyone’s journey is different. 

One Payment


Save $3000

  • Access to A Special Pre Launch Vulnerability Session

  • Access to a Private 1-1 Coaching Session

  • Access to a three day intensive in Barbados

  • Access to 4 monthly group coaching calls (12 calls)

  • Printable Fierce Vision workbook

  • Membership to the Life by Intentional Design

  • Access to the IntentioNia community

  • Live text & email support

  • Other unpublished surprises 

  • Total Value over $9,000

Please Note

* (Travel and accommodation not included with the intensive)*



More, More, MORE


I know it can feel like a leap, investing in yourself. I believe in you 100% which is why I DO NOT offer a money back guarantee.


Through leadership, I will draw out your transformation. 

And through love and connection, I will draw out the rawness and vulnerability that are the secrets of deep transformation. 


That is what I'm really doing in my programs. I'm helping you be more you than you've ever been. And that's deeply attractive to the connections you need in your life.


The Non-Negotiables…

I have a commitment in all of our programs to serve people, not to please them. So, my programs have 3 policies you may find rather unorthodox.


I have a No Refund Policy. You see I love people who play full out. I want people who are fully committed, not half-in, and half-out.


I have a Vulnerability Policy. I love people who hide nothing—and hold nothing back. Vulnerability is the fastest way to transformation. As Brené Brown puts it, “Vulnerability is our most accurate measure of courage.”


And I have a 200% Responsibility Policy. My team and I promise that we will show up 100%. We will create a powerful, impactful, life-changing program. But you need to show up 100%, too.


Here’s what I require of you… To take action—even when you’re afraid. To lean into your edge, to take risks, to mess up, to fail—again and again, and again. Transformation is often messy and uncomfortable. And I’m not interested in working with people who aren’t willing to get messy. I’m a transformational leader which means I am willing to get messy, too. If you want me to be perfect, I’m not the right leader for you.


Life by Intentional Design Community 


Genius is far less lonely than the movies would have you think. I have created a community of people who want to create the impossible in their lives. This community will challenge you to stay connected to your vision, yourself, and each other.

Amy Poehler "Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you; spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.”

That's why I DON'T have a Money Back Guarantee.

Michelle Margaret Marques Smiling

I'M Michelle

I am a success and life design consultant, a Rich Litvin ICF Certified Transition Coach, MindValley HoloBody Coach qualified in Neuroscience. And an award-winning leader with a proven success track record working with male and female entrepreneurs and impactful leaders with a humanitarian mission to change the world so that we are all free to be ourselves.


I am a confident leader of impactful change advocating for the mindset needed to create impact and be yourself. I have worked with thousands of leaders to design their life with intention and my vision is to impact 1 billion lives and change the world.  


My life's work is to show mission-driven entrepreneurs how to BE MORE, so they can create extraordinary impact and income.


I'm Known for blending fierce love and belief, a bold fearless approach, and mindset principles, and delivering simple ways for entrepreneurs and impactful leaders to fully be themselves and step into the life they truly want. I am loving impact.


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