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Define your Purpose, Develop core Confidence, Implement Intention, and Create your best Life.


How many times have you watched those around you fulfilling their dreams, finding love, crushing their career goals, and wondered – why don’t I feel that way?


Maybe from the outside, your life looks okay, but inside you’re struggling to find meaning. You are stuck, and everything has ground to a halt.


You’ve lost your way – if only you had half the passion everyone else seems to feel.


Comparing yourself to others is a common problem and it can cause you to:


Look at friends’ relationships and wonder why you’re still single, or dating someone you’re not sure you even want to be with.


Feel stuck in a rut at work, as coworkers all around you are getting promotions and the best projects


Pick a goal based on how someone else is living their life, only to find yourself dropping it a few weeks later


Tell stories about past losses and failures that make them so important you can’t get past them and in this world, it’s easier than ever to look at everyone else’s highlight reel and feel as if you’re stuck in neutral.


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What if I told you there is a way to find that spark again, not just in love, but in all aspects of your life?

All that effort you’re making to mold your life into something that looks the same as others? That’s taking the energy AWAY from your own life, and causing you to feel stuck. There is a simple way to refocus that energy and propel you into the life that YOU want.


The secret to launching a life you love is to transform your relationship with YOURSELF!

Imagine a life where you...



Work from within to find your customised Game Plan for happiness.


Are energised and excited each day as you create the best life for yourself.


Have thrown comparison-itis out of the window, and use the energy intentionally to propel yourself towards a life that is right for you.


Have an incredible support system of like-minded people all working with the same intensity of intention and passion toward their goals.


Feel happy every day, regardless of what obstacles and roadblocks appear.


Because comparing yourself to others and basing your goals on their life is keeping you stuck on a treadmill... when instead, you could be using your energy intentionally and sprint forward into the life that's right for you and that you deserve.

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Transform your Life with this immersive passion-filled experience, if . . .

You’re stuck in a rut or at a crossroads:



So your life might look okay from the outside, but is there something that’s holding you back from making a change? 


You sense there’s something better out there, but you’re not sure which path to take to get there?


Or maybe you know what to do, but you’re scared and not sure which step to take first.

Your love life isn’t where you want it to be:

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, there are times when you know your love life could be incredible, but something is holding you back.


There are 3 things that create an incredible love life - our confidence, our ability to communicate our value, and building a life that someone else wants to be a part of.


If you’re ready to search these out in yourself, then the Mastermind is the perfect place to focus on your own life and master all 3.

You’re ready to stop coasting and super-charge your goals:

After the last couple of years, it’s been too easy to find ourselves on auto-pilot, just meandering along wherever life takes us.


If you’re ready to take control and design an intentional and meaningful life that you’re excited to wake up to every day, then it’s time to look at the intention of every aspect of your lifestyle.

This 12-month Mastermind

Will help you decide what you really want for your life and then create a customised game-plan of all the steps you need to take to get there (and what to do to handle the inevitable roadblocks as they appear).


During the Mastermind, we’ll start from within and create a customised Game-Plan that details goals and each step we need to take to reach them, from books you’ll read, to places you’ll visit, to what your spare time looks like.

It’s time to shed those limiting beliefs, own your confidence, and understand the intentions and WHY that underscore your goals.

For 12-months, you’ll immerse yourself in this process, alongside others passionate to do the same, and dig deep to find the passion and energy to create goals and actions for the next 12 months.


You need to develop true core confidence and self-esteem:


A huge part of comparison-itis is a lack of confidence in yourself. Confidence is not this mysterious concept that some people are just born with. It’s a skill that you can learn and practice, and involves being intentional about how we talk to ourselves, how we forgive ourselves, and how we work to build a life that makes us proud. I can teach you the practical roadmap that will transform your confidence once and for all.



You’re looking to keep momentum and level up:


If you’re already doing great at meeting your goals - good for you! I’m so happy for you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep working on taking things to the next level. There’s sometimes this perception that we should only be seeking out personal growth when we don’t feel satisfied with our life or feel like ‘something’s missing.’ In fact, the most successful people I’ve ever met are those who double down when things are going great and set themselves up for even more success in the future. If you’re looking for some guidance on how to keep that momentum going and level up to keep mastering your goals, then you’ll love the 12-month Mastermind.

Launch yourself into the life you want starting today.



The Life by Intentional Design twelve-month mastermind


An immersive experience where we will work together on a process that will give you essential tools. You can use every day to achieve absolutely anything you want.




A game plan for your ideal life.




The core confidence you need to take action and create it.




A new level of intention applied in a way you have never used before.

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Here are the strategies we’ll use to get you there


We’ll look at your long-held (and outdated) limiting beliefs about your identity and help you define who you want to be, starting NOW.


You’ll complete a series of exercises designed by me to break through those barriers that have been holding you back from the things you deserve most, like love, success, friendship, health, happiness, and self-acceptance.


I’ll show you how to silence your excuses once and for all and tap into your emotional energy to achieve your goals.


You’ll learn how to manage your emotions so you can banish overwhelm and procrastination, overcome fear and get off the emotional rollercoaster for good.


And finally, I’ll take you through a life-changing experience that will make you believe, once and for all, that you are beyond “good enough”

You are worthy of the best in life ...


. . . even if you've never felt this way before, I will help you get to this place during our twelve months together.


No more looking outside for validation, no more telling yourself you'll be "good enough" once you hit that next milestone . . . you will walk away from the Mastermind with unshakeable core confidence, living an INTENTIONALLY designed Life.


Over the course of 12 immersive months together you'll experience


Weekly LIVE coaching with me


Life-changing visualizations


In-depth Q&A sessions with me


Weekly light workouts with a professional fitness coach to kickstart your health goals


Discover the secret to being happy every day, regardless of your circumstances


Powerful gratitude meditation sessions led by me.


Monthly LIVE magical experiences and celebrations


. . . all streamed live to your computer, in the comfort of your home.


As well as:


A live preparation kick-off call prior to the Mastermind


A very special welcome gift


UNLIMITED access to the event recordings


A comprehensive “Cheat-Sheet” FILLED with notes from the event


A private community where you will meet and keep FRIENDS for life from this experience

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Here’s exactly how:

We’ll define your purpose, develop your core confidence, Implement Intentions, and create your best life


Discover What You Really Want


The Mastermind is ultimately about living better. But that means something different for everybody, and this isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. The goal at the beginning of this program is to help you uncover what a better life looks like to YOU! Here we'll be laying the foundations for the entire process. . .


What did you come to the Mastermind for?

What are the complaints and frustrations in your life right now?

How to create a vision for your best life

How to set small and large goals

Uncovering your passions

The power of taking consistent action with intention

How we spend our time


As we figure out what we want to do with our lives and how we want to spend our time, goals are a huge part of the process. You'll be setting goals for each quarter that will move you closer to your vision and a year-defining goal. To ensure you get there and love the journey, I'll also be giving you the tools to:


Stop comparing yourself to others

Be your own greatest ally

Design specific rituals that will carry you toward your goals

Develop your intentions and personal criteria for daily happiness

We will also be doing special bonding and R&R nights throughout the twelve months. There are just some examples below.




Movie night


Unwind at the end of month 1 as we invite you to don your best pj's and join us for a special movie night. Set your room to be dark and cozy and don’t forget popcorn and your favorite soda as we all hit play together at the same time.




I will be hosting an exclusive live jazz night at the end of month 2 ... where you can sit back, relax and enjoy a live performance as we unwind together.

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A special live preparation Kickstart call prior to the Mastermind


A very special welcome gift from me


UNLIMITED access to the event recordings


A private community where you will meet and keep FRIENDS for life from this experience


PLUS, you’ll receive any additional bonuses we release from now until the Mastermind!


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Are You Ready To Invest in YOURSELF This Year?


You can stay stuck,


Or You Can Launch The Life You'll Love


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Not only will we have the most incredible 12 months together, but committing to this now will mean you know you’re carving out time to make yourself a priority and ignite that passion within.”



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