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Michelle Margaret Marques


"Unlock your potential, and Live the Life you Imagine" 


Life by Intentional Design.

Life by Intentional Design

Life by Intentional Design


Define your Purpose,

Develop core Confidence, Create an intentional life. 

Feel stuck in a rut at work, as coworkers all around you are getting promotions and the best projects


Pick a goal based on how someone else is living their life, only to find yourself dropping it a few weeks later


Tell stories about past losses and failures that make them so important you can’t get past them and in this world, it’s easier than ever to look at everyone else’s highlight reel and feel as if you’re stuck in neutral.


How many times have you watched those around you fulfilling their dreams, finding love, crushing their career goals, and wondered – why don’t I feel that way?


Maybe from the outside, your life looks okay, but inside you’re struggling to find meaning. You are stuck, and everything has ground to a halt.


You’ve lost your way – if only you had half the passion everyone else seems to feel.


Comparing yourself to others is a common problem and it can cause you to:


Look at friends’ relationships and wonder why you’re still single, or dating someone you’re not sure you even want to be with.


Business Interview
Female Engineer
Breaking Gender Barriers
Female Financial Advisor
Female Pilot

Transform your Life with this immersive passion-filled experience, if . . .

You’re stuck in a rut or at a crossroads:



  • So your life might look okay from the outside, but is there something that’s holding you back from making a change? 

  • You sense there’s something better out there, but you’re not sure which path to take to get there?

  • Or maybe you know what to do, but you’re scared and not sure which step to take first.

You’re ready to stop coasting and super charge your vision:

  • After the last couple of years, it’s been too easy to find ourselves on auto-pilot, just meandering along wherever life takes us.

  • If you’re ready to take control and design an intentional and meaningful life that you’re excited to wake up to every day.


  • It’s time to look at the intention of every aspect of your lifestyle.

Before the Mastermind:

  • I’m standing with you for your growth into who you need to become to realise this possibility. In service to this extraordinary possibility, I will invite you into a set of agreements to make together that can set our relationship up for success!

  • We will create a power-partnership by building a relationship with your future-self and committing to a shared intention for your growth.

  • Activate a growth container. Transformation is ALREADY happening, and we are creating the conditions for it to happen successfully.


  • Celebrate the beginning of this journey!

This 5-month Mastermind
  • Will help you decide what you really want for your life and then create a customised growth-plan of all the steps you need to take to get there (and what to do to handle the inevitable roadblocks as they appear).

  • During the Mastermind, we’ll start from within to: 

  • Assess your strengths and build awareness of key life areas.


  • Identify your deepest yearnings and/or biggest gaps.

  • Ignite potentials.

  • Create a “sensory based’ vision. 

  • Get to the core of your hidden barriers. 


  • Create rapid and irreversible breakthrough's.

  • Locate your most powerful self and step into a NEW STORY” of power, growth and possibility.

  • Celebrate the Vision and Orient to the Growth-Journey Ahead

Michelle Margaret Marques Smiling

I'M Michelle

My name is Michelle Margaret Marques, I'm a woman centered coach, and I am here for one reason, and one reason only: To guide you further than you’ve ever been by delving deeper than you ever have.


I am an award-winning influential leader and entrepreneur. A life design consultant, and a thinking partner innately gifted with recognising potential and a wealth of skills and experience, hard-won through a difficult life.


I’ve been through the trenches of the battles of life, and through winning my war, I learnt valuable lessons which I’ve unpacked to create packages that assist you in reaching new heights of success.


I have a proven success track record working with female entrepreneurs and impactful leaders to design their life with intention .

I am a confident leader of impactful change advocating for the mindset needed to create impact and be yourself. My vision is to impact 1 billion lives and change the world.  


My life's work is to show mission-driven entrepreneurs how to BE MORE, so they can create extraordinary impact and income.


I'm Known for blending fierce love and belief, a bold fearless approach, and mindset principles, and delivering simple ways for entrepreneurs and impactful leaders to fully be themselves and step into the life they truly want. I am loving impact.

What if I told you there is a way to find that spark again, in all aspects of your life?

I'm the creator of a number of bestselling programs including Life by Intentional Design, More, More, MORE, and The Life by Intentional Design Mastermind my signature coaching program combining proven strategies.


Just like many of you, I struggled with Who I Am, afraid of stepping fully into the powerful presence of who I know I am inside. In going on my own personal development journey, I began working with a personal coach, I discovered that the more intentional I became about the life I wanted to create, the more I created the life I wanted. That then set me on the current journey to help others in their own quest for more and develop my seven pillars.


Using my programs, my clients have achieved phenomenal results, including More Income, More Peace, More Impact, More Freedom to Be Themselves in just a few short weeks, and much MORE.


Above all, I am passionate about helping YOU design a life that fits you, to be free to be yourself in all aspects of life – relationships, business, money, career, health, impact – a whole life overhaul to have the life and impact you were born for – peaceful, calm, free. A Life of Intentional Design.


My Core Message


“You’ve Got This.”

This is who you are, what you are born for. 


My Purpose

To change the world so that women are free to be themselves. 

Don't Just Take My Word For IT.

Here's what some clients who have taken the plunge have had to say:



"You incredible woman!"

Michelle is a powerful and intuitive leader. As her coaching client, she has the most loving way of pushing and challenging you in just the right ways you need to be challenged to truly transform, elevate, and achieve the life, mindset, and vision of your wildest dreams. Our first session together was so expansive I knew without a shadow of a doubt that she was the perfect coach for me. In under a month of working together, my investment in her paid off 10-fold financially and 100-fold in my relationship, energetic, and emotional health. As we continue to work together, I genuinely feel like the sky is the limit and that I am capable of anything with her by my side. 

Honestly, none of this would have happened without me making a commitment to myself to be coached by you and without you showing up so powerfully to challenge, embrace, and shepherd me through all of it.

I am raising my vibration and just getting used to living in this new beautiful reflection of my thinking. My level of gratitude is off the charts exponentially right now for you, you incredible woman! 

Katie Webster, Coach

"Powerful Force"

Michelle Margaret Marques is a powerful force. She has an impact on all who meet her. If you are able... go meet her! 


Catherine, Executive Coach

"Working with Michelle has been thought-provoking and productive".

Working with Michelle has been thought-provoking, empowering and productive. As a solopreneur, it's easy to get stuck in place or even worse go around in endless circles doing the same thing over and over getting the same results. Having her own beauty brand and partnering with other founders, she knows the challenges, the opportunities, the struggles, the ups and downs, and speaks my language. Talking to Michelle has given me perspective, fresh new ideas, and the incentive, motivation and support to implement them with an action plan. She gave me the courage to put myself out there more and get to know my customers on a more personal basis. Her advice has made a significant, positive, tangible impact on my business results and I am truly grateful. With her holistic approach, she's part business partner, part sister, part shaman. I truly appreciate her generosity in sharing her expertise, experience and inspiration, I love working with her and highly recommend her to others!

Heather Fink, Founder The Sexiest Beauty

"What a beautiful gift you are!"

My entire life shifted in the time I spent with Michelle. I am beyond grateful.

I am implementing the super easy, yet totally effective strategies she offered me on a daily basis. It has allowed me to continue manifesting in the great energies we discovered together. I will recommend her to anyone who desires positive change and happiness in their life!

​Lisa Anderson, Coach

"Life Saving" 


"I can’t thank you enough for making my call with Michelle happen today. She probably saved my life. THANK YOU"

Geri Ehrlich Barnstable
Michelle Margaret Marques



Crea Global Awards 2022
Crea Global Awards 2022

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