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Inner Gambit

inner gambit:
funding mastery
for female founders

No more looking outside for validation, no more telling yourself you'll be "good enough" once you hit that next milestone . . . you will walk away from the Mastermind with unshakeable core confidence, living an INTENTIONALLY designed Life.

The Last Program You'll Ever Need, I Don't Say That, MY CLIENTS DO.

introducing the inner gambit:

Funding Mastery for female founders


Your Four-Month Journey to Self-Mastery and Investment Savvy

Embrace Inner Gambit, a mastermind born from my own daring leap—leaving the U.K. with just four suitcases and my daughter, determined to create a life of greater purpose. This is where my story intertwines with yours, where together we overcome the barriers female founders face in seeking investment—the self-doubt, the external validation, the elusive confidence.

Inner Gambit: Funding Mastery is for the woman ready to become her most authentic self, to shatter the internal blocks that stand between her and her dream life. With a focus on investment readiness, we not only shift identities but also prepare you to captivate investors and secure the funding you deserve. The only program that focuses on your Inner Gambit and the Outer Founder specifically designed for Female Founders by a Female Founder and Women Centered Founder and Investment Coach. 


You're worthy of the best, even if you've never believed it—until now. Our four months together will instill in you an unshakeable core confidence, empowering you to live an intentionally designed life.


With Inner Gambit, you get:

- Personalized Coaching: Dive into the heart of your life and business with weekly group strategy calls and a private session for the first 10 members, ensuring you get the transformation you're here for.

- Community Support: Join a vibrant, intimate community split into two 'pods' for maximum attention and support, propelling you to your next level.

- Actionable Steps: Benefit from a zero-fluff approach with actionable steps and a week of implementation between phases, so you're always moving forward without overwhelm.

- Exclusive Bonuses: Gain immediate access to the Wild & Wealthy program, and if you pay in full within 24 hours of acceptance, join me for a VIP Day in Barbados.


This mastermind isn't just another program—it's the only Female Power Circle you'll need. I stand by my words because I've lived them. I've guided hundreds of women to shift their identities and unlock their potential. Now, it's your turn.

Inner Gambit is your call to strategic action, to embrace the calculated risks that define a fulfilling life.


Join me, and let's create a reality where you're not just ready for investment; you're the investment others are eager to make.


This work is a TURNING point for any woman who has been striving to evolve. This is a method to ignite change that lasts a lifetime, NOT just a few weeks.

Get The Answers And Support You Actually Need

Every one of my clients always walks away satisfied and with EXACTLY what they came for.

My zone of genius is helping you create your new reality.

I understand what it's like to be feel stuck, while knowing you’re capable of bringing so much more to the world. 


This is why I've helped hundreds of women shift their identities and create the reality they want. 

The ONLY Female Power Circle you'll need!

Bold statement?! YES and I stand by it.

You have succeeded against all odds and understand the value of determination, transformation, and overcoming hardships.


“You know you’re ready for something way bigger, but you’re feeling stuck, scared, and totally unfulfilled.”

Creating Wealth

Inner Gambit: Funding Mastery for Female Founders

You've got the fire, we've got the forge. Let's mold your potential into something unbreakable. Inner Gambit, Funding Mastery is not just a program; it's your personal revolution. It's for the woman who's tasted grit and is ready to turn it into greatness.

You're not just a dreamer; you're a doer.


And Inner Gambit: Funding Mastery? It's where doers become achievers. This isn't just a program—it's a power-up for your ambitions, tailor-made for the woman ready to forge her future from the flames of her passion.


Stuck feels like a four-letter word, doesn't it?

That's just your greatness in a traffic jam. It's time to hit the accelerator. With Inner Gambit, you'll break through the 'what ifs' and crash through the 'but not yets'. You're not just ready for something bigger; you're overdue.

And with Inner Gambit: Funding Mastery, it's just a temporary stop on your roadmap to success. You're not waiting for change; you're driving it, pedal to the metal, towards a horizon that's ripe with possibility.


Risk doesn't scare you; it invigorates you.


Because you understand that every empire started as a gamble. Inner Gambit is your ace in the hole. We're not just talking about confidence; we're talking about the kind of unshakeable belief that turns 'maybes' into empires. 


Your talents?


They're not just quirks; they're currency. We're here to invest in your unique abilities and turn them into your competitive edge. Inner Gambit is where your gifts get down to business.


Need backup?


You've got a battalion. The Inner Gambit sisterhood is your personal cheer squad, mentor group, and business network all rolled into one. We're climbing the same mountain, sharing the same vision.


Glass ceiling? We prefer skylights. It's time to shatter expectations and elevate your game. Inner Gambit gives you the tools to break through and build up.


Confidence is the new black, and it looks stunning on you.


We're in the business of turning heads, hearts, and minds. With Inner Gambit, being seen and heard becomes your signature style and a resounding 'watch me'.


Purpose isn't a buzzword; it's your blueprint.


We're not just finding your calling; we're amplifying it. Get ready to live at full volume.

Vision, barriers, superpowers.


We're not just identifying them; we're turning them into your personal arsenal. Your lower self might not like it, but we're not here to make friends with comfort zones. 


The only thing holding you back is the rearview mirror.


We're swapping it out for a telescope, so you can see just how far you can go. It's all about perspective.


All in?


It's the only hand we play. Commit to your growth, and watch as doors fly open. Inner Gambit is for the woman who's all about action.


Waking up on fire is just your morning routine.


Energy and excitement are your new caffeine. Trust us, you won't miss the lattes.


Profits and impact?


They're just the cherry on top. Because when you transform through Inner Gambit, the rewards extend far beyond your bank account.


Happiness is your default setting.


And we're here to make sure it's a lifetime guarantee, no matter the weather.

Freedom to be you?


That's the only option.




We've got nothing up our sleeves. This is premium, and it's got your name on it. Inner Gambit is an investment in your future, and the ROI? Off the charts.

















Step into the founder investors can't say no to

with Inner Gambit funding mastery

Female founders, it's your time. You're not just building a business; you're crafting a legacy. Inner Gambit Funding Mastery is your strategic partner, ready to help you not just meet the mark but set a new standard.


Investment Readiness:


Tell Your Financial Tale
Your business isn't just numbers; it's a narrative of triumph and tenacity. Inner Gambit fine-tunes your story, so when you speak, investors listen.



Pitching for Funding:


Your Authentic Voice
Let's turn your pitch into a conversation and your conversation into capital. Michelle Margaret Marques is here to help you weave your authenticity into every slide.


Securing Private Equity:


Raise the Bar
Ready for the big leagues? Inner Gambit Funding Mastery is the key to the door. Walk into the world of high-stakes investment with confidence. It's your time to shine.


Deep Human Connection:


The Soul of Your Venture
We're not just after success; we're about significance. With Inner Gambit, your business journey becomes a human story—one that resonates and inspires.

Your Invitation to Transformation

Join the movement.


Be part of a collective force of female founders who are redefining the investment landscape. Inner Gambit is your launchpad to a future where your vision isn't just seen—it's celebrated.


Ready to transform?


Let's write your future in bold strokes. Together.

Embrace The Inner Gambit Funding Mastery and Discover Your Potential.

Female Engineer
Breaking Gender Barriers
Female Financial Advisor
Female Pilot

You were made for more and you can absolutely have it. No more unattainable expectations, drowning in regrets, or excuses...

Inner Gambit is not a fit for everyone.


It's not for those who are comfortable watching life from the sidelines, who find solace in excuses, or who are searching for an effortless fix to deep-seated challenges.


This mastermind is for the go-getters who understand that real change requires real work. It's for the ambitious souls who have tried solutions but haven't yet found their rhythm. It's for those who sense a greater level within them, waiting to be unlocked.

Inner Gambit is right for you if:

- You're an entrepreneur, speaker, author, coach, business owner, or executive who's invested in growth but hasn't fully tapped into your potential.
- You're aware that true success is a step beyond where you stand now, and you're ready to take that leap.
- You've been operating at a fraction of your capability and you're honest enough to admit it.
- You've felt the frustration of falling short and are no longer willing to settle for mediocrity.
- You've questioned your path not out of lack of passion, but because you haven't yet found the strategy that aligns with your ambition.
- You've faced fear and anxiety, and you're tired of letting it dictate your pace and potential.
- You've been craving clarity, not as a comfort zone, but as a launchpad for decisive, bold action.
- You're prepared to shift into your ideal identity, to live the impact and earn the income you know you're capable of.

Inner Gambit: The Transformation for the Committed


Inner Gambit is also for those who recognize the importance of investment readiness. It's for the visionaries who understand that to attract the right opportunities and resources, they must first embody the change they seek. This program is designed to help you break through personal barriers and align your inner transformation with the external success you aim to achieve.

If you're ready to commit to a journey of profound personal and professional growth, to invest in the work that leads to lasting transformation, Inner Gambit awaits. Let's unlock your potential together.

Funding Mastery for Female Founders

Identity Shifting

What is an identity shift?


It's a shift in your self-concept that allows you to achieve on autopilot with effortless effort.

It's not changing who you are but accessing your highest level capacity of capacity and potential.

You close the gaps (identity gaps) between who you are now and the actions you take (current identity) and who you need to be that has all the things you want in life because of the consistent actions that person takes (your ideal identity).

What is the outcome?

A complete shift in how you see yourself and how others see you so that you're no longer the person TRYING to make more income and impact...

But you ARE the person others look up to and envy because you've done the work, made the progress, reached your goals and desired achievements, and you can show income and impact.

In a nutshell: You almost effortlessly take the actions needed to succeed and finally start achieving goals faster than the flash.


Why me,

why this program

& why now?

How does your program help me make income and impact?

  • When you learn how to operate at a higher level you actually start making moves that attract and create money

  • The more progress you make and achievements you make the more confidence you build that oozes out of you every day

  • Along the process, you will have your bespoke Growth Plan and we also make sure the actions in the plan are carefully chosen because a transformational shift happens through actions, so those actions should be ones that help you achieve success and include basic tried and true success strategies.

  • You'll also be utilising past investments FULLY. So, you're taking actions and those actions, when done correctly, will allow you to build a life from top to bottom, so you start reaching goals while making powerful long-lasting internal transformations to who you are at your core

  • You BECOME the version of yourself that creates the reality you want, makes money like it's normal and it becomes weird to not make income and impact lives.

The answer is simple my unique approach to personal transformation truly sets me apart in the field of coaching.


Here's why there's no one doing it quite like me:


1. **The SHE SHIFT Framework:


A distinct method I've developed that focuses on rapid, irreversible transformation. This unique model isn't just about making changes but about making lasting shifts in your identity that become an integral part of who you are. This framework isn't something you'll find in typical coaching programs, making my approach truly one of a kind.


2. **Unlocking the Three Power Centers:


Another unique aspect of my teachings is the process of tapping into and unlocking the three power centers. This technique is a central component of my coaching, enabling individuals to harness their full potential in a way that isn't taught elsewhere. By unlocking these power centers, you're able to catalyze significant change in your life.


3. **Unique Teaching Style:


My style of teaching is another factor that sets me apart. I've crafted a way of imparting these principles and techniques that is engaging, insightful, and, most importantly, effective. You won't find my style of coaching anywhere else, making the learning experience unique and profound.


My unique principles, exclusive methods, and distinct teaching style ensure that my approach to personal transformation stands unparalleled. The core teachings of Inner Gambit, combined with The SHE SHIFT Framework and Unlocking the Three Power Centers, guarantee a transformation journey that is simply unmatched.

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It’s time to shed those limiting beliefs, own your confidence, and understand the intentions and WHY that underscore your vision.


Image by Tyler Nix

Katie Webster, Coach

"You Incredible Woman!"​ ​Michelle is a powerful and intuitive leader. As her coaching client, she has the most loving way of pushing and challenging you in just the right ways you need to be challenged to truly transform, elevate, and achieve the life, mindset, and vision of your wildest dreams. Our first session together was so expansive I knew without a shadow of a doubt that she was the perfect coach for me. In under a month of working together, my investment in her paid off 10-fold financially and 100-fold in my relationship, energetic, and emotional health. As we continue to work together, I genuinely feel like the sky is the limit and that I am capable of anything with her by my side.  Honestly, none of this would have happened without me making a commitment to myself to be coached by you and without you showing up so powerfully to challenge, embrace, and shepherd me through all of it. I am raising my vibration and just getting used to living in this new beautiful reflection of my thinking. My level of gratitude is off the charts exponentially right now for you, you incredible woman!  ​ Katie Webster, Coach

Image by Shwa Hall

Ildiko, Coach

"A Game Changer"  The first session with Michelle was life-changing, it was a game-changer because I was not sure what is the missing element. She was able to put me in my huge vivid vision I didn't even know I had in me. It was very emotional. I cried. And in the same moment, it felt right. She was able to break the glass ceiling and turn off doubt, fear, and all of the negative things, that were holding me back. I have become the woman who is on a mission. And she was able to do that in our first session. If you're unsure about what is not working in your life, or in your business, and you're looking for somebody who can move everything on the front end and on the back end of your business and want to get the answers on the spot that helps you step into your future self, she's the one to talk to.

Image by Igor Rodrigues

Tara LaFon Gooch C.E.O

"One of A Kind" It’s sometimes difficult to put into words how to describe someone who has impacted your life. There is so much to say but words rarely do it justice. This is how I feel about Michelle. She is a transformational person who is on a different level. She goes deep when she works with you and helps you achieve things that once seemed impossible. Her commitment to her clients and their goals is like nothing I have ever experienced before. Michelle’s passion for helping people succeed are apparent in her work and she takes a great deal of care in ensuring her clients progress and make powerful life changes. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone who is looking for next-level growth and someone who desires change within their lives. She is a one of a kind coach and I am privileged to know her. Thank you for your phenomenal work, Michelle. I truly appreciate you and what you have done to help me!

Inner Gambit Wheel Of Life

8 Key Areas of Feminine Self-Actualisation:

Purpose and Calling—discovering and cultivating unique gifts and genius, and the power to contribute them in ways that ensure they are received and valued. 

Confidence and Presence—being visible, seen, truly known, and able to show up with authentic confidence as the most actualized version of yourself.

Creativity and Self-Expression—manifesting your deepest desires for self-expression, fun and play.


Love and Relationships—attracting and creating growth-oriented relationships, where you are “met” on all levels (emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually), supported to self-actualize, loved unconditionally, and supported to become the best version of yourself.


Value Aligned Prosperity—expanding prosperity and livelihood by creating a way of making money that is deeply aligned with your values, and having the resources to thrive, prosper and contribute in this life.


Influence and Impact—impacting a greater number of people by uplifting and empowering those around you. 


Spirituality and Meditation—deepening your connection to a higher power and engaging in a relationship with an intelligence or energy that is bigger than yourself.


Health and Self Care—feeling at home in your body, being healthy, radiant, feeling vital, and having boundless energy.

Overcome Any Obstacle Standing Between You and What You Want.

Even if You Feel You’ve Tried Everything and Still Don’t Have The Answers because That’s all going to change

Female Architect

Top Outcomes from the Inner Gambit Program

Transformation You Will Love


Transformed Self-Perception

Redefine your personal identity to align with your goals and aspirations. This identity shift is a powerful catalyst for change, fostering a stronger, more confident self-image that propels individuals toward their desired outcomes, and the founder investors can't say no to.


Create Your Unique Path to Success

Defy societal norms and expectations, creating your own definitions of success. This leads to a more fulfilling and satisfying life and career, pursuing what truly matters to you.


Take Ownership and Shape Your Destiny

Take ownership of your life. Learn to make bold decisions, take control of your destiny, and shape your life in extraordinary ways. This sense of ownership and empowerment is a key outcome of the 'Inner Gambit' philosophy and identity shift coaching.


Increased Resilience and Adaptability

Harness fear and uncertainty as catalysts for growth. This process builds resilience, helping you bounce back from setbacks and adapt to changing circumstances with greater ease.


Embrace Strategic Decision-Making

Learn to take calculated risks and make strategic decisions. This leads to personal and professional growth, opening up new opportunities and pathways for advancement.




Get An Exclusive Chance To Pitch
For Large Scale Investment.

Your Exclusive Platform to Soar  

With exclusive access to investors and a private equity firm, Inner Gambit is more than an opportunity—it's your business's launchpad to the heights you've always envisioned. This is where you take the stage, ready to captivate, convince, and conquer.

Programs and Plans


First 10 people who sign up and Pay in FULL BONUS 


A life changing experience V.I.P in person full day intensive in Barbados. Personalised coaching 1-1 and an incredible experience on a private catamaran, with lunch and swimming with turtles. Value $1997 * Travel and accommodation not included.*


Pay in full Bonus #2: and you will receive 6 Personal 1-1 coaching session. Value $6000 + All other bonuses.


Don’t miss this opportunity to join me for 6 60 minute powerful coaching sessions and prepare to make this Mastermind the BEST experience you’ve ever taken part in!

Bonus #1: lifetime access to the membership.

  • ​A highly engaged private community with your new ride-or-die crew of entrepreneurs to propel yo to your next level.

Value $4997 


I love to prepare for an event to get the most out of it - and I love that you want to do that too!


Bonus #2: Immediately access to 1 of my online self-paced programs of your choice. Value $497

Bonus #3: $1000 pay it forward credit that can be applied to future 1-1 coaching, group coaching, online programs. 


Bonus #4 Morning activation calls, Mon-Fri 7am EST. 15 mins of support and a power visulisation to get you set up for the day and activate your powerful self. Value $3000


Ready to command your next level?


Inner Gambit is your master key to unlocking a life where you magnetically attract your dreams. It's not just about shifting your identity; it's about stepping into the most authentic and powerful version of you.



Are you poised for transformation? 


You've always been ready. Now, it's your time to shine. If you're nodding along, saying, "Michelle, I'm all in," then let's make it happen. With Inner Gambit, you're not just joining a program; you're embarking on a life-changing journey.


Choose your path:


Option 1: Access + Bonuses

Jump in with both feet and commit to your transformation. For those ready to dive deep and pay in full, a treasure trove of bonuses worth over $45,000 awaits, including a generous discount to make your decision even easier. Your investment? A value-packed $7,897.


Option 2: Access + VIP Support + All Bonuses

Crave that extra layer of personalized support? Add VIP sessions and exclusive practices to accelerate your growth, all while enjoying the full suite of bonuses. This comprehensive package is valued at over $53,000, available to you for $9,997.


Inner Gambit is more than a mastermind; it's a commitment to your future self. It's about breaking barriers, not just some, but all that stand between you and your most congruent self. It's about embracing the mindset needed to create impact and be unapologetically you.


Through my own journey and working intimately with women like you, I've honed the art of facilitating deep, personalized transformations. Inner Gambit is the culmination of this work—a space where group dynamics amplify personal breakthroughs, where you're not just supported but propelled to greatness.



If a twinge of fear flutters in your chest at the thought of joining, good. It means you're on the cusp of something great. Fear is the shadow of impending transformation.


Inner Gambit is your call to freedom. To design a life that fits you perfectly, to be free in all aspects—relationships, business, money, career, health, impact. It's a whole life overhaul, aimed at the life and impact you were born for.


Are you ready to be held, seen, and powerfully supported? Let's do this. Let's create your extraordinary impact, income, and future. Welcome to Inner Gambit.

I believe

it's simply

NOT acceptable

to not have access

to LIFE Changing Support. 

Sometimes we all want to spread the cost and I never want MONEY to be the reason you can't move forward with your transformation. If it's a hell yes Michelle I want in but I want a payment plan, I have got you covered. 

  1. If you can’t pay in full, and you live in the USA or Canada we offer 3rd party funding and your installment payments will be $500/mo. Or less! Based on the cost of this program. Click the Apply Now button! And If you get past the pre-instant qualifier page, Congrats!  You’ll most likely qualify. If not, that’s okay.

  2. Click on the Book a call button and we’ll go over some other options with you!

*The funding option doesn't qualify for the discount, full cost will be $16,800 but the good news is you can apply for 100% of the program cost.

Here are all the benefits: 

  • 2-5 year terms* 

  • From application to funding (2-4 business days) – FAST 

  • Affordable monthly payments - $700/mo or less! 

  • No prepayment penalty (This is big)! 

  • 1st payment is not due for 30 days! 

  • We have access to several exclusive funding groups and over 15 national lenders under one platform! 

So to find out if you qualify, click on the apply now button below! 

The best part is they have an instant pre-qualifier where you’ll know whether you’re a good match within a minute!

Michelle Margaret Marques Smiling

My name is Michelle Margaret Marques,

A catalyst for change, fiercely committed to empowering women to embrace their potential, elevate their lives, and unleash their power to create a world-shaking impact. My mission: to impact 1 billion lives, transforming the global landscape with bold, fearless love and unwavering belief in what's possible.


Through my intimate work with female founders, I've seen firsthand that the fiercest barrier to investment is often the woman in the mirror. That's why I've woven investment readiness into the very fabric of Inner Gambit, crafting a mastermind that transcends traditional coaching. It's where your personal evolution meets financial revolution, shaping you into a confident leader, ready to make a dent in the universe.


I’ve been through the trenches of the battles of life, and through winning my war, I learnt valuable lessons which I’ve unpacked to create packages that assist you in reaching new heights of success.


I have a proven success track record working with female entrepreneurs and impactful leaders to design their life with intention .

Turn your greatest desire into an inevitability
and open the door to gaining Investment and your fullest 

Unlock Your Inner Gambit: Funding Mastery for Female Founders

Inner Gambit: Funding Mastery isn't just a program—it's a life's calling. It's about recognizing your innate talents, operating at a higher level, and stepping into the freedom of being authentically you. It's about creating extraordinary income, influence, and a future that resonates with the deepest parts of your soul.


I've walked the path of self-discovery, battled the doubts, and emerged with a vision that's laser-focused on guiding you to the life you're meant to lead. I've crafted a space where group synergy magnifies personal growth, where shared insights spark individual breakthroughs, and where the collective drive fuels explosive results.


My approach marries individualized strategies with the power of community, delivering a coaching experience that's as personal as it is profound. Imagine a mastermind where the transformation is so tangible, it feels like we're speaking directly to your soul—with 10X the impact of one-on-one sessions.


Your journey to freedom, to a life of peace, calm, and unapologetic authenticity, begins with Inner Gambit. My clients' phenomenal successes—from skyrocketing incomes to life-altering personal achievements—are a testament to the transformative power of this program.


Join me, and let's shatter the glass ceilings from within. I'm committed to guiding you, supporting you, and celebrating with you, every step of the way. Together, we'll design the life you were born to live—the life you deserve.


Are you ready to be seen, supported, and propelled to greatness? Inner Gambit is your key to unlocking a future of freedom and impact. Let's change the world—one fearless founder at a time.


Image by Tyler Nix

K Byles Author/Coach

"Beyond Your Limitations" Michelle helped me move from stuck and frustrated to adapting and building new structures for thriving in a different culture. Michelle is particularly good at working with your mind and pointing out the mental limitations you are imposing on yourself to move beyond them. New structures are now in place. Got married and applied for residency, I can have my residency early next year. And then Adopt a Coastline is now a registered non-profit and we have a meeting with the UN for funding, I just sent you a letter. I'm so chuffed with that. Feel really emotional, having a business here. So, yeah, you’ve really really helped me with that. And also, the other thing is acknowledging that you helped me with feeling like I didn't want to start a new organisation after the Homeless World Cup and all of that, I'd had enough, and actually, no, I do want to play a role in in the ocean piece and the environmental peace and cleaning up Antigua and encouraging people to be more caring and an understanding of the value that they have here and how beautiful it is and how to respect that just not just in Antigua but Caribbean wide. So yeah, I'm really grateful for that.

Image by Shwa Hall

Heather Fink, Founder & CEO

"Thought-provoking and productive". Working with Michelle has been thought-provoking, empowering and productive. As a solopreneur, it's easy to get stuck in place or even worse go around in endless circles doing the same thing over and over getting the same results. Having her own beauty brand and partnering with other founders, she knows the challenges, the opportunities, the struggles, the ups and downs, and speaks my language. Talking to Michelle has given me perspective, fresh new ideas, and the incentive, motivation and support to implement them with an action plan. She gave me the courage to put myself out there more and get to know my customers on a more personal basis. Her advice has made a significant, positive, tangible impact on my business results and I am truly grateful. With her holistic approach, she's part business partner, part sister, part shaman. I truly appreciate her generosity in sharing her expertise, experience and inspiration, I love working with her and highly recommend her to others!

Image by Igor Rodrigues

​Lisa Anderson, Coach

"A Beautiful Gift!" ​My entire life shifted in the time I spent with Michelle. I am beyond grateful. I am implementing the super easy, yet totally effective strategies she offered me on a daily basis. It has allowed me to continue manifesting in the great energies we discovered together. I will recommend her to anyone who desires positive change and happiness in their life!

Money Back Guarantee

Read All About It Here

If you're still not convinced, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Our coaching program offers a money-back guarantee if participants don't achieve results. However, there are certain requirements that must be met in order to qualify for the guarantee. Participants must attend a minimum of 80% of the coaching calls and fully implement all of the recommended actions, complete assignments, and follow the growth plan. This ensures that participants are actively engaged in the program and giving themselves the best chance for success. By attending the majority of the calls and implementing the recommended strategies, participants demonstrate their commitment to the program and their willingness to put in the necessary effort to achieve their desired outcomes. This requirement also helps to ensure that participants are actively participating in their own growth and development. The money-back guarantee is a way for us to stand behind the effectiveness of our coaching program and provide assurance to participants that we are confident in the value it can provide. It incentivizes participants to fully engage with the program and take the necessary steps to achieve their goals. **Please note that the specific terms and conditions of our money-back guarantee may vary. It is always recommended to review the program details and consult with our team for complete information on the guarantee and its requirements.** **Conditions needed to follow - 1. You must attend a minimum 8 out of 10 live calls 2. You implement on all the exercises, assignments, and growth plan given 3. You take action towards the steps directed for the duration of the program. 4. You remain accountable throughout the process And after implementing everything you don't seem to get any result, we will refund you full amount.

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