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How to Run a Transformative Private Retreat

Host a Private Retreat
Mindset Reset for Entreprneurs

Attention: Coaches and Wellness Professionals

It’s time to learn how to power up your business by taking a break and get paid to work and play with clients all around the world…

Want to Get Paid to Hang Out with High-End Clients…in Paradise?


Have you ever dreamt about jet setting off to another part of the world–and getting paid for it?

I mean, who hasn’t, right?

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve definitely had a thought (or ten) about what it would be like to be “one of those coaches” you see on Instagram, out there hosting luxury retreats in faraway places–riding elephants, meditating on the beach, coaching clients poolside–and getting paid generously.

Am I right?

Well, here’s the deal: As a coach, your options for income creation really are endless.

And yes, they actually can involve elephants, beaches and/or pools, if that’s what you desire!

But I get it. Right now, you aren’t spending your days sipping skinny margs poolside with clients who adore you and hang on your every word.

In fact, maybe right now, you spend most of your days hiding behind your computer, interacting with people via Skype and dreaming about getting away far more than actually doing it.

But guess what? You’re actually not the only one craving more in-person connection–and disconnection from other things–in a major way.

You’ve probably already got a handful of VIP clients who absolutely adore you and want to devour everything you create. And the truth is, there are always clients out there willing to pay top dollar for transformative experiences, personalized attention and of course, a little bit of luxury!

And that’s where transformative, luxury retreats come in!

Retreats are the perfect getaway for go-getters and high-end clients.

The reasons high-end clients love retreats are simple.


They offer:

  • The company of like-minded people who are positive, high-achieving and not afraid to face challenges (just like them!)

  • Rejuvenating and relaxing activities they already love, like Swedish massages or horseback riding against a gorgeous backdrop

  • A change of venue and pace that can bring about revelations and inspiration (and the opportunity to see things in a vibrant new way when they return home!)

But here’s the sweetest part:


Retreats aren’t just game-changers for your clients, either.

See, if you do them right–if you can combine luxury with transformation, business with pleasure and work with play–just one successful retreat can boost your reputation as a high-end coach faster than anything else.

When you start hosting luxury retreats, you:

  • Create a new income stream with unlimited revenue (and fun!) potential!

  • Boost your reputation as a high-end coach and leader (which means more high-end clients will be attracted to your business!)

  • Get to take a break from the day-to-day running of your business while still making bank!


Now, I know you might be thinking:

“But am I ready to run retreats?”

“What if I try and mess up?”

“How do I actually handle the logistics of an entire retreat? There’s SO much to think about!”

Not to mention, “How can I make this a high-end retreat that actually delivers, and not just another run-of-the-mill retreat that overpromises and underwhelms?”

I get it. And let’s face it:


Planning a retreat–especially an uber-luxurious one that’s attractive to high-end clientele–can seem daunting.

Maybe you’re afraid to risk your time, energy and (let’s be real) money for something with so many swirling parts.


Or maybe there’s just way too many details to consider–like, what to serve for dinner on night #1 to how to get your clients from the airport to the beach cabana to what workshops to include. Eek!

Or maybe you just truly don’t know where or how to get started.

Well, here’s the good news: Creating an elite retreat really doesn’t have to be so overwhelming!

In fact, there’s a step-by-step system you can follow to make sure you plan, produce and put on a fabulous retreat–from start to finish.


Yes, You CAN Host (and Rock!) a Luxurious Retreat–Even if You’re Brand New, Aren’t a Seasoned Traveler (Yet) And Definitely Don’t Consider Yourself an Event Planner!

If you truly want to create a luxurious retreat that gives people the transformation they crave–and the cash money you deserve–it’s time to learn how to run your own retreat, and make sure it doesn’t run you!

And while of course, you could always try to figure this all out on your own…

…You don’t have to just ‘wish for the best.’

If you want a retreat that’s the bomb (and not a total bomb), there’s a simple solution:






How to Host a Transformative Retreat for Your Elite Clients


During this self-paced course, I’m going to walk you through each and every step it takes to plan, create and host an elite retreat. You’ll learn how to:

  • Nail down the details of your own local or exotic high-end retreat–from scouting the perfect location, to securing a solid menu to creating rock-solid, transformative content and workshops

  • Market, name and position your retreat so it fills up and sells out with plenty of perfect-for-you clients

  • Add flair, finesse and fabulous finishing touches to your retreat that level up the luxe factor (and the amount your can charge!)

  • Add a lucrative additional income stream to your business that’s also good for your soul!

Just take a look at everything you’ll learn inside this 4 module, self-paced course…

(Yep… you’re in for a real [re]treat!) 

This is a package deal as well as all of the modules listed, the action plans, checklists, and journals that come with the online self-paced course, you get six weeks of group coaching sessions with yours truly. Now that's a no-brainer even if I do say so myself! 

Module 1: Your Irresistible, Essential Retreat

Are retreats right for your business, right now? What makes your retreat unique? Why should your clients travel halfway across the globe to spend time with you? Module 1 will help you answer all these questions and so much more!


Module 1 covers…

  • Is your business ready for retreats? (Answer this one question honestly and you’ll learn how to plan a retreat that’s right for your clients and your business!)

  • The super-simple way to position and promote your retreat so it speaks right to your elite client–and sell it out with incredible ease!

  • How to shape your retreat so it easily meets–and exceeds–your clients’ expectations (I’ll even teach you the quick and easy way to find out what those expectations are!)

  • What you MUST do before your retreat to garner glowing, reputation-boosting testimonials from attendees after

  • Why retreats are a PERFECT for coaches–and why getting your clients “out of town” (and their own element) is critical to hosting a retreat that actually delivers

  • The must-know techniques to get clients breakthroughs in the middle of sheer relaxation (Yep, it’s possible!)

  • What NOT to do during your retreat if you want your clients look back on it as a wonderful, enriching experience

  • Smart ways to use Facebook to create a strong group of network partners who boost each other’s morale and businesses–as well as your own!

  • Create a killer landing page and other marketing materials for your retreat–and overcome objections fast



Module 2: Location, Location, Location!

Ask any successful retreat hostess and she’ll tell you: Location is everything. And I don’t just mean sourcing a luxurious venue for your glam getaway: You also need to make sure you find the ‘right’ spot on the globe.


Module 2 will walk you through all the things you need to do to find the perfect location for your transformative retreat, including:

  • How to decide whether to host a domestic retreat or take it global–and 3 ways to scout the perfect location (whether it’s down the street or halfway around the world!)

  • What you really need to look for in a location–plus the one thing you MUST do before your retreat to make sure you’ve really found “the one”

  • How to pick a location that perfectly fits your retreat’s theme–and how overlooking this “insignificant” detail can set you up for small (or not-so-small) disasters

  • 5 ways to leverage the uniqueness of your location to ensure it lives up to it’s promise–including when to book your location for the best experience for your clients

  • 5 seasoned-traveler tips for making any location a positive memorable experience

  • How to create a top-shelf experience for your clients that caters to each individual’s needs, schedules and preferences–even if they’re all vastly different!

  • Everything you could ever want to know about traveler’s insurance (Yes, it’s a real thing–and you probably need it!)

  • The easiest way to pre-qualify attendees–and how to make sure you’re creating a solid community of getaway guests who mesh well

  • PLUS: How to brainstorm catchy names for your retreat that you love–using keywords that will attract your client!


Module 3: Work Hard, Play Hard

So, you know where your retreat is. But now the question becomes: What are you going to do once you get there?


Module 3 will walk you through the 5 steps necessary to plan a retreat that strikes the perfect balance between working hard and playing hard.


You’ll learn:

  • How to pick one major, concrete, tangible goal for your retreat–and why this is EVERYTHING to your attendees

  • The 3 questions that will help you create world-class retreat content that’s new and fresh for your audience–and what cliched and overdone content and exercises to avoid at all costs

  • How to secure guest experts to go above, beyond and deeper into the subjects that matter–and create even more lasting change in your attendees!

  • How to properly plan, pace and present your content, exercises and trainings so there’s plenty of time for learning as well as meals, rest, bonding, revelation, sharing and fun!

  • Why creating ‘a nice experience’ for your clients isn’t enough–and how to finish off your retreat with absolute pièce de resistance your clients will love!

  • How to start creating buzz for your retreat long before it starts–and why this critical piece can mean the difference between a retreat that’s sold-out and one that makes you wanna throw the towel in!

Module 4: Treat Your Clients Like the VIPS They Are!


You’ve got the theme, the location and even the world-class content all teed up. Now, it’s time to really add a few finishing touches to amp up the transformation.


Module 4 is all about special, unique ways you can make doubly sure each and every participant has an experience that truly transforms–and they return home a different person than when they came.

You’ll learn:

  • The one thing to ‘give away’ to make 100% sure your attendees hop on their return flight feeling accomplished, transformed and refreshed (Do this and they’ll leave feeling you fulfilled your promise–and then some!)

  • How to keep your guests well-fed and well-hydrated no matter where you are in the world–and why it’s so important you keep a close eye on every individual’s well-being

  • How to uncover hidden costs or other potential issues before they happen–and what to do if disaster does strike during your getaway

  • The top “luxury buzz-killers”–and how to avoid them like the plague!

  • The odds and ends every retreat needs to run smoothly (Pack these bad boys and you’ll never feel unprepared!)

  • The art of the flawless follow-up–I’ll teach you exactly what to do after your event to make sure you don’t let the camaraderie and momentum you and your group have built slip away!

  • How to spend less without lessening the luxury–and what to do if you find yourself spending more than you’re bringing in (and why sometimes that’s actually okay!)

  • PLUS: 7 creative ways to add an extra touch of luxury to your retreat–and create repeat, elite clients for life!




Set Up Your First (or Next) Luxe Retreat and Watch Your Business–and Your Clients’ Lives–Change, Forever

With a little careful planning and the step-by-step guidance I provide for you inside this course, you’ll be able to…

< >Bring more elite clients into your business. Establish your reputation as a high-end coach and leader of luxury experiences


See the world (and earn a paycheck in the process!)Create a transformative retreat that allows you to get paid while you do what you’re passionate about–in paradise!




Don’t get me wrong, fellow coach friend:

You don’t have to purchase this course. You can always try to wing (or Google) your way to a rad retreat. (You’re a smart one, after all.)

Or? You could receive a step-by-step blueprint that walks you through exactly how to create a highly-transformative luxury retreat, from start to flawless finish.

Here’s the thing: Both options work. But with my guidance, you won’t have to worry you’ve forgotten even one minute detail.

You won’t have to stress about whether you’re made a make-or-break mistake when it comes to marketing, meal planning, content planning or having the right accommodations in place.

And you definitely won’t have to wait even one more minute to start planning your first (or next) elite retreat!

It’s all right here inside this course, just waiting for you to dive in.

Yep: You can make money doing what you love…in serious luxury. And I’m ready to show you how.

Are you ready to rock your transformative retreat?



Then let’s do this!

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