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The Full Scope


The Difference between Debt vs. Investment



•What you buy doesn’t make you money (ex. Cable, TV, etc.)

•Poor people have debt



•Investment – what you invest makes you more money

•Skillset you gain (Priceless!)

•Marketing for your business to get more deals done!

•Wealthy people/successful entrepreneurs LEVERAGE funding!

What to look for on funding

•Long terms – (2-5 years) - the longer the better!

•Fast funding – 2-4 days from applying to getting your funds!

•Affordable monthly payments! 

•No pre-payment penalty!

•Funders understand the business side!

•Gives you access to best chance of funding!

How would you like it if I gave you a great solution to provide you with the short-term bridge funding you need (if you want it) so we can serve you?

Great! Let us solve that problem for you!

Introducing our funding partners

For those interested, we offer 3rd party funding. 

  • 2-5 year terms*

  • From application to funding (2-4 business days) – FAST

  • Affordable monthly payments

  • 1st payment not first 30 days! 

  • No pre-payment penalty (This is big)!

  • Fund most entrepreneurs looking to invest in our proven program! 

  • Have access to several funding groups and over 15 national lenders under one platform!

  • Best chance of approvals! 

who should apply?

  • If you make:

  • $35k/yr. annually

  • 620+ Credit score

  • If you’re W-2 - Employed 3+ months with same employer

  • If you’re 1099 – 2020 and 21 taxes done – showing $35k on your adjusted gross income for both year! 

  • You can qualify!

How to apply?

The two questions we usually get:

  •   1. Does it affect my credit?  It’s a Soft pull – means won’t affect your credit score to see all the  approvals you qualify for!

  •            2. What are the Terms and rates? – depending on your credit, and there’s no pre-payment penalty!





To apply now:

Go to main page  - Takes 5-7 mins

US Application

Canada Application

Funding with Eaze Consulting

Let’s Work Together

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