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Sun, 07 Mar


Online and (In person by invitation only)

Undeniably YOU

Undeniably YOU is a series of events across SIX WEEKS focused on crossing the lines between perceived opposites. A place beyond right or wrong and black and white thinking, a place where acceptance creates leverage and freedom. Kick-off on March 7th in Uncertainty and end 18th April Undeniably YOU.

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Undeniably YOU
Undeniably YOU

Time & Location

07 Mar 2021, 10:00 GMT-4 – 18 Apr 2021, 16:00 GMT-4

Online and (In person by invitation only)

About the event

Undeniably YOU is a series of events focused on crossing the lines between perceived opposites. A place beyond right or wrong and black and white thinking, a place where acceptance creates leverage and freedom.

For bold and open-minded individuals who are ready to get together to tackle challenging and important subjects in the efforts to work constructively and become stronger by doing so together.


CONNECTION (communication) - CURIOSITY (Perception) - COURAGE (Vulnerability)

Theme: Rebel Narratives Re-imagined - Men and women boldly owning their strengths and rising stronger, together.

If you're feeling stuck and unhappy about where you are now, it's time to do something different. By stepping out of the lines, you rediscover yourself. Along with all of the goals and ambitions you thought you had long since buried.

This SIX WEEK immersive and interactive event focuses on fostering innovative conversations around the importance of unity between men and women is where action, adventure, and true connection is waiting for YOU. Here is where your story truly begins.

Together we define what it means for men and women to truly rise together through taking extreme personal ownership and reclaiming personal autonomy. We also explore what would be possible in a world where men and women have the courage to leverage each other's strengths and own their own shadows, all the while standing steadfast in their unique facets of power.

It’s time we challenge our unconscious and limiting beliefs about the self-imposed confines holding us back from living truly connected, successful, and fully realised lives. Forget the status quo. If you want to live your life from your vision, you need to start by waking up to who YOU are.

Where are "you" showing up in your life?

Where are "YOU" Undeniably showing up in YOUR life?

It's time to step outside the lines. Start thinking for yourself.

The only reason I run an immersive event is to change the world! 

That's my mission for every event I run.

Sounds like an impossible goal, right? That's my specialty helping you create impossible goals. There's only one way to change the world. 

It's one person at a time…

7th March:

Kick-Off Session ( This was a huge success, make sure you don't miss what's to come )

There is now a series of mini-workshops, panels, group coaching, and challenges throughout the six weeks. All participants will have complimentary access to the Undeniable Universe Community throughout the six weeks. This is fully immersive and interactive, aimed at messing with your mindset, disrupting what is not working in your life and it will be a transformative journey into being Undeniably YOU. 

Please see the schedule for a full list of sessions available. New sessions being added and surprise bonus sessions will pop up. ( PLEASE CHECK FOR ALL UPDATES )

16th April:

Vulnerability Workshop.

Three hours of Deep Coaching and Connection.

Our intention is that you wake up the next morning with a Vulnerability Hangover. That feeling of “I can't believe that I shared so much with a stranger…” And—if you don't wake up with a Vulnerability Hangover—you probably didn't go deep enough.

You know that feeling when you attend an event where you don't know anyone and it takes a day or more to relax enough to connect with people and to begin to feel like yourself? Well, it turns out that vulnerability is a shortcut to deep connection.

  • A powerful and intimate questioner to answer prior to the event.
  • An evening of exercises and challenges, the evening before the main event, allows you to show up the next morning with a sense of ease and connection that will take you ten times deeper.

17th April: 

The Intensive...

A full day of intense training and an empowering environment. A talent hotbed, where the best people can surround themselves with others who are at the top of their game—or who want to be.

The true goal of transformation is to strip away the fears and doubts and beliefs that have been layered on us from the moment we were born, to reveal the person we have always been. So, whatever else you take away from this event you will be more you than you have ever been before, I teach from the inside-out. 

Whether you want to create deeper connections and relationships, become a more impactful leader, build a lucrative business doing what you love, or create a life in a world you love we will teach you from the inside-out. I don’t ever want to teach you to be like me. I struggle being me. You don't want to put that on your to-do list!

Our job as your coaches for the day isn’t to give you what you want. It’s to give you what you need. Whilst we know you want Knowledge and of course we will be sharing Knowledge. In life, there are no easy answers. There's no one magic way of doing things. The main objective of the day is to draw out the Wisdom that is already innately inside of you. Wisdom involves perspective, the ability to make sound judgments, the willingness to know what you don’t know and wisdom lies at the intersection between insight and intuition. Developing wisdom is a lifelong and sometimes arduous process—it requires patience and humility—and you will be transformed in the process.

We will share our knowledge but also draw out your wisdom.

Keynote speeches and personal stories that share our knowledge and wisdom. Lots of questions to provoke your thinking. And ways for you to find your own answers. Challenges that have you do things you're afraid of doing so that you see courage is what you need and confidence is a result. You will get comfortable feeling uncomfortable.

Exercise: Write a handwritten letter about all the reasons you are in love with the life you are creating 

We will stretch your thinking. You will leave this event with a head or a journal—full of your own ideas, not ours, however, “Ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just a multiplier. Execution is worth millions.”

Therefore, the most important exercise of the day will be the one before you leave.

The 9 am Morning Test before you leave. You will be asked to commit publicly to the tiniest single step you can take over the 90 that follow the intensive that will move you in the direction of your dreams.

18th April:  Online workshops for online ticket holders.

Full-day Deep Coaching for VIP ticket holders.

( More Details to Come )

Speakers and Coaches 

Michelle Margaret Marques, Undeniable Leader, Author, Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Visionary.

David Taylor-Klaus, Author, Coach, Mentor & Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur, Strategist & Visionary.

Niiamah Ashong, Leader, Trailblazer, Coach, Outlier, Speaker, and Visionary.

Andre Bello, Leader, Author, Negotiation Coach, Speaker, and Visionary.

Katie Webster, Transformative Coach, Podcast Host, and Speaker.

Sam Adams, The Real Life Coach, Leader, and Speaker.

Inna Pearce, Leader, Coach, Speaker, and Visionary.

George Connoly, Leader, Politician, and Speaker 

Dr. Seku Gathers, Trauma Coach, Author, Leader, and Speaker

Service is the most important seat in the house.

We have a team of amazing coaches and an awesome service team.

We train the support team for our Intensives in the values that are important to us. And then we trust them to do what they need to do.

We create events run by leaders—because we create leaders.

We call our team of coaching leaders “The Connection Team”

Through their leadership, they will draw out your transformation. 

And through their love and connection, they will draw out the rawness and vulnerability that are the secrets of deep transformation. 

That is what I'm really doing at my Intensives. I'm helping you be more you than you've ever been. And that's deeply attractive to the connections you need in your life.

The Non-Negotiables…

We have a commitment at all of our Intensives to serve people, not to please them. So, our Intensives have 3 policies you may find rather unorthodox.

We have a No Refund Policy. You see we love people who play full out. We want people who are fully committed, not half-in, and half-out.

We have a Vulnerability Policy. We love people who hide nothing—and hold nothing back. As Brené Brown puts it, “Vulnerability is our most accurate measure of courage.”

And we have a 200% Responsibility Policy. My team and I promise that we will show up 100%. We will create a powerful, impactful, life-changing Intensive. But you need to show up 100%, too.

Here’s what we require of you… To take action—even when you’re afraid. To lean into your edge, to take risks, to mess up, to fail—again and again, and again. Transformation is often messy and uncomfortable. And I’m not interested in working with people who aren’t willing to get messy. I’m a transformational leader which means I am willing to get messy, too. If you want me to be perfect, I’m not the right teacher for you.


Create the Impossible Community 

Genius is far less lonely than the movies would have you think. We have created a community of people who want to create the impossible in their lives. This community will challenge you to stay connected to your vision, yourself, and each other.

Amy Poehler "Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you; spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.


  • 3 hours

    Online Kick-Off Session

    Main Room

  • 2 days 1 hour 30 minutes

    Undeniable Universe

    Main Room
14 more items available


  • Knowledge

    Online ticket to the full six weeks of online sessions and the two-day main intensive.

    Sale ended
  • Knowledge, Wisdom and Fun.

    KWF online ticket to all online sessions across the six weeks + Extra sessions, Lunch and Learn room, and Cocktail Q&A with main speakers. (Lunch and Cocktails not Included)

    Sale ended
  • Clubhouse

    Clubhouse online ticket to all online sessions across the six weeks + Extra sessions, Coaching, Lunch and Learn room, and Cocktail Q&A with main speakers. (Lunch and Cocktails not Included)

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