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Emergence leadership for Visionaries and World-Changers

You are a world-leader


You wake up each morning excited to take risks and conquer fear and you go to bed each night knowing why you're here.


You know that creating a better world gives you a more meaningful life.


You know what success takes—in life, work, and play.

  • Are you Building Your Highest Vision? 

  • Can you imagine it and then create it – easily?

  • Do you have so much fun doing it, it feels like second nature?

  • Do you feel confident in every area of your life?

  • Do you easily get everyone around you on the same page with you?

  • Do you know the real difference is in soul-serving?

  • Does your work make a positive difference in people’s lives?

  • Is prosperity a given?

  • Do people respect you for your ideas?

  • Do people want to be around you?

  • Is your life and relationship brimming with deep love, excitement and intimacy?

  • Are you Being the highest version of yourself?

  • Do you wake up each morning knowing that your life is amazing – RIGHT NOW? 

Sounds Familiar?

Is Life Like This?

Things are really good. You’ve achieved great things … and yet, it feels like there's still something much bigger inside you.

You have grown into and been recognised for being extremely powerful with a huge vision, however, deep inside, you know that there's even
more impact you can bring to the world.

Are you:

Working so hard and over-extending yourself while your personal life is unrecognisable?
Operating below your true capacity, bored, and concerned that one day someone will see it?
Feeling like there’s no one around you who will tell you the truth and challenge you, as everyone is seeking your approval?
Frustrated with your team because they just don't “get it” and everything is taking too long?
Noticing that the skills and traits that got you to the heights you’ve achieved no longer serve you so well and something much more is required?

BUT … the thing that drives you forward is your vision and dedication
to your mission and the positive impact on the world that is your highest vision.

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Why you will adore working with me?

I am Michelle,

I am This Woman Author and The Emergence Leader. I help YOU lead your life, own who you are and create IMPOSSIBLE dreams.


Are You Ready To Be You?


Once you decide to realise the highest range of power and capabilities that have always been inside of you, you will connect with whom you are so authentically, passionately and deeply that the changes you experience will shift who you are in every area of your life and how you show up in the world. You will be Living your Highest Vision fully.


You will push yourself beyond boundaries. I know I have always followed a life with purpose that I have always been drawn to, a life I’m uniquely qualified for. The life I was always meant to and everything in my life so far has lead me to this.


The Woman You Become In The Process Can Never Be Taken Away!

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Don't take my word for it, here's what my clients have to say...

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What A Beautiful Gift You Are!


“ Michelle is a very loving and compassionate coach who will lead you to come to your own awareness and truth. She sits in a space of non-judgment that allows you to be vulnerable and discover what is true for you. I worked with her and by asking me very important questions, I completely resolved the biggest issue that was causing me a great deal of anxiety and confusion in a matter of minutes.  


My entire life shifted in the time I spent with her. I am beyond grateful. I am implementing the super easy, yet totally effective strategies she offered me on a daily basis. It has allowed me to continue manifesting in the great energies we discovered together. I will recommend her to anyone who desires positive change and happiness in their life!


I really do love my life the way it is. I am requesting the universe send you many more new people ”

Lisa Anderson, Coach

Confident Woman

After we work together, you will...

After we work together, you will...









What makes me so bloody good? 

Waterside Women

Really It's All Inside Me and It's Inside You Too

I'm an unapologetically, fierce and an authentic rebel. I Lead From Where I Live. My journey has brought me here, my purpose in life is to help women through emergence leadership. It's my passion and I just wouldn't do anything else.


I began to work with women who also know there is a higher version of themselves that needs to unfold. When I began writing This Woman Book I wanted to help women unlock the champion inside, I realised leadership absolutely and utterly has been my purpose for the last 16 years, I’ve always been called to do it. That’s what my soul is meant for and that is why I've had the experience I've had. 

What makes me a bloody good leader? Having an innate ability to see infinite potential in others and being able to communicate and lead someone through their challenges and inspire them to take action. I am an expert in helping powerful women realise how much more powerful they really are… and step into whom they were born to limitlessly Be.

This Woman

It's a little like when someone asks who do you think you are? My answer, I'm ME. Unapologetically, fierce and authentic. You cannot defeat someone who truly knows who they are, I Lead From Where I Live. 


At my core I'm a Mother, I have three phenomenal and very handsome adult sons, whom I raised alone, and I have an incredible and stunning 9-year-old daughter who I have been raising alone for over 5 years now. I also have an amazing and beautiful 7-year-old granddaughter. They are my heart and my entire world resides in their health and happiness. I'm a world-leader, successful businesswoman and philanthropist.     


The Client

Whom I work with

I work with women who have great visions and feel that there’s more for them to give, be and create.

They know that applying themselves to discover, invent, create, and/or solve something that will make a difference to humanity is the highest vision they want to create.

I work with women who are passionate in life, work and play in the way, they devote themselves to the things that matter to them.

I work with women who take risks they’ve done so in the past and have had amazing successes and spectacular failures.

They know the riches that risk-taking brings and they are willing to live in the uncomfortable to get what they want.

They know that fear is their compass and deep desires are just on the other side. I work with women who are high achievers. They enjoy success in their business, their lives, and their relationships, and know what that takes and feels like. Regardless of where they are right now in their lives, they have a strong sense of what they can achieve on their own … and they know they can achieve more. I work with women who take action because they understand that's the very essence of everything. No coaxing necessary. I work with women who work hard at being their highest possible self. 


I work with women who bloody inspire me. 

The Experience

During my industry-leading ‘Emergence Leadership we will meet for 60 mins,
1:1 via Zoom, and I will provide a transformational session by;           
- leading you through a powerful process
- getting you in touch with your greatest life vision 
- helping you see that you have infinite potential based on your unique path
- overcoming your limiting beliefs – so you can step fully into whom you're meant to be.

NOTE: The insights you receive during each session is a powerful way to help you connect to your deeper vision and have the courage to say YES to yourself. Guaranteed.

Ask yourself these questions:


1) What is your vision?

2) What are you willing to become?

3) What do you already have that support the vision which is trying to emerge?

Here’s How it Works

You and I work together for 6-12 months. Anything less than that just
doesn’t set you up for a whole world change.

How many years have you wanted to make your highest possible mark in the world?

How long have you wanted that deep, loving, passionate life, and the
experience of living each day as the powerful being you know deep down
that you are?

How many years have you made do with “almost” and good enough?

If you’re ready, let’s have the conversation with the power to totally
transform each and every aspect of your life.

I work with clients who are referred to me or whom I have been so
inspired by, I personally invite them to a powerful leadership
conversation. If you are here on this page, then either you know me,
or someone thinks so much of you that they sent you my way.

I invite you to come in.

Real Talk

Whom I don’t work with. 


Those who: Only “kinda, sorta, maybe” want to change. Are afraid to make mistakes and fail. Complain and blame others. Aren’t ready to show up to each session fully engaged. Are cynical about having feelings. Aren’t ready to work harder than me in their life.

You’re not my client if you don’t want to create a huge impact or you're not ready to explore creating a mission that feels so impossible it inspires you to never stop exploring, growing, developing, and being a leader in all areas of your life.


If you are not a high achiever with huge, big dreams, you are NOT my potential client.


If, on the other hand, you know what success takes in life, work, and play and you know you're ready to play at that next level, I can help. 

I have a strict no refund policy, by agreeing to a coaching program you're committing to yourself, not to me. Before making payment, please be absolutely certain you are READY. By booking you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.  


I am an expert in helping powerful women realise how much more powerful they really are …… and step into whom they were born to limitlessly Be.

Available to order on
Barnes & Noble and Amazon

How did a wee Glaswegian girl from a council estate with a big dream go through some of the most challenging, painful and abusive life experiences anyone can imagine, including childhood sexual abuse and almost dying and still go all the way to reinventing her life and creating the life she truly wants?


It all began with… 


Well you'll just have to buy the book to find out (giggle)


However, let me give you a wee peek. 


This Woman is a deeply personal story of the life I have lived and my journey to truly belonging to myself, and it inspires you to do the same. 


An inspiring, powerful and intimate story that invites you into my world and share in the experiences that have shaped me, from my childhood in Glasgow to building my life and creating some of my desires (I'm not done yet, smile) 


With shocking honesty and humour, I take you on a journey from my child abuse, near-death experience, loss of my hero (My Mum) being in prison and much much more, to the birth of who I am today. 

Out now!


Meet Michelle

I’ve been growing towards leading driven women my entire life, I recognise myself in each woman yearning to overcome her struggle. I am not a coach, coaching is just one of the tools I use. Sometimes I'm a consultant, sometimes I'm a trusted adviser, sometimes I'm a coach, sometimes I'm a thinking partner and sometimes I'm a hybrid of all or some. However, what I am always is a leader for powerful women, I help them remember just how bloody powerful they are and step into whom they were always meant to be. 
I create an environment for women to be their most vulnerable, a safe place for your voice. An environment that is focused on possibilities and dreams. an environment in which to truly fly and know for yourself, that the only limits are the ones You set. Dare Greatly?
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Ok, I do love it when my clients love on me...

But I think my head is getting big now.


You f**king legend!!!!!! Sorry, still a bit emotional. I am soo gutted that I didn't spend more time with you than I did. Those 2 hour-long sessions we had just weren't enough! You are and I always thought you were an amazing person with a huge heart and magnetic energy.


Michelle Margaret Marques is a powerful force. She has an impact on all who meet her! If you are able...go meet her.

Now It's Your Turn...But Will You Dare?

You have seen it all now, the information, the inspiration and the client successes, it's time to decide are you ready to become You?

Still on the fence? No problem, sometimes it's a little daunting committing to yourself. And I want to help you either way. Please email me at michelle@michellemargaretmarques.life

Ready to uncover yourself?

Contact Me


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