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Actualised You!

Welcome to the revolution in coaching innovation


Where we shatter the boundaries of traditional coaching, where we don't just guide, we transform. We are not just another coaching platform; we are a catalyst for your success. We believe in the power of personal transformation as the key to business success. We uniquely blend identity shift coaching with investment readiness coaching, creating a transformative journey that doesn't just prepare you for investment, but ensures you secure it.


Our unique approach is a game-changer. We understand that the journey to business success is not just about having a robust business plan or a compelling pitch. It's about the person behind the business. It's about you.


Our identity shift coaching is not just about personal growth; it's about evolving into the leader that investors trust. We guide you on a voyage of self-discovery, aligning your personal identity with your business goals, and molding you into the visionary leader that you need to be.


But our innovation doesn't stop there.


Our investment readiness coaching is not just about preparation; it's about securing the investment you need. We equip you with strategic tools, tailored advice, and pitch refinement, ensuring you are not just ready to present your business to potential investors, but ready to win them over. And we go a step further, introducing you to high-level investment funds, opening doors that were previously out of reach.


What sets us apart? We don't just coach; we transform. We don't just prepare you for investment; we ensure you secure it. We don't just work with entrepreneurs; we create leaders. And we don't just introduce you to investors; we connect you with high-level investment funds.


Experience a coaching service that is more than just a service. It's a transformation. It's a journey. It's the key to unlocking your potential and securing the investment your business needs.


Welcome to the revolution in coaching. Welcome to the journey of becoming an unstoppable force in the business world.

Why I Started

I began coaching because I believe I am here to help change women's lives it's as simple as that. My passion is to see women rise and my mission is to impact 1 billion women's lives. Coaching has the potential to bring significant positive change in women's lives. I feel it is crucial because it empowers women to overcome challenges and achieve their desires. 


Helping women rise and a mission to impact 1 billion women's lives is a bold and ambitious goal, it reflects my deep commitment to empowering women across the globe. As the mother of a daughter, I feel I have a responsibility to create a better future for women. By empowering women, I am contributing to a better, more equitable world for my daughter and my granddaughter. Each woman I help is a step toward my goal, and every step counts. I am changing the world, one woman at a time, it's amazing how much growth and transformation can happen when someone has the right support and guidance.

Woman Centered Coaching

Who I Help

I work with women who have a strong

desire to overcome challenges, break through barriers, and achieve goals. It's not important where you come from or what your current job title is; it's about where you want to go and the steps you're willing to take to get there. It's about your commitment to growth, openness to new perspectives, your willingness to step outside of your comfort zone into the unknown and create the future self and life you were born for.

How I Do It

Identity shift coaching is a process that helps individuals explore and redefine their sense of self, allowing them to grow and evolve personally. I guide my clients through a journey of self-discovery, helping them understand their values, beliefs, and aspirations. The goal of identity shift coaching is to support individuals in making conscious choices and decisions aligned with their true selves, leading to personal growth, transformation, and a more fulfilling life.

What's in It for You

1. Personal Growth and Transformation.

2. Increased Self-Awareness: Behavioral patterns, conscious and authentic decision-making.

3. Improved Confidence and Self-Esteem: Authenticity, stronger self-worth.

4. Clarity and Direction: Purpose-driven life.

5. Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Patterns: New beliefs, overcome obstacles.

6. Improved Relationships: Healthier boundaries, authentic connections.

7. Enhanced Resilience and Adaptability: Navigate life's challenges.

8. Increased Success and Achievement: Greater success in all life areas.

Great Women Know When They Need To Ask For Help

About Our CEO


Michelle Margaret Marques Smiling

Michelle Margaret marques is the author of two successful books "Rebel woman, and who the f*** are you, and advises women and organisations on how to create and step into their future identity.

 I am here for one reason, and one reason only: To guide you further than you’ve ever been by delving deeper than you ever have.


I am an award-winning influential leader and entrepreneur. A life design consultant, and a thinking partner innately gifted with recognising potential and a wealth of skills and experience, hard-won through a difficult life.


I’ve been through the trenches of the battles of life, and through winning my war, I learnt valuable lessons which I’ve unpacked to create packages that assist you in reaching new heights of success.

Inner Gambit

Inner gambit

A brave space to challenge with care, to push boundaries, to encourage and celebrate vulnerability. The Inner Gambit, a concept I developed, is a bold philosophy of life, a strategic approach to living that prioritises daring decisions and stepping out of your comfort zone. It's about taking calculated risks, pushing boundaries, and challenging the status quo, all in pursuit of a life that's truly meaningful and fulfilling. This concept stems from my personal experiences, from the crucial decision I made to leave behind everything familiar in the U.K. - my home, business, car, and to an extent, my family. Armed with nothing but 4 suitcases, I ventured into the unknown with my 7-and-a-half-year-old daughter, fuelled by a deep-seated belief in myself and the conviction that I am meant for more. The Inner Gambit encapsulates that daring spirit. It's not about being reckless or fearless; it's about harnessing the fear and using it as a catalyst to make bold moves. It's about listening to that inner voice, even when it's terrifying, and making the sacrifices necessary to step into your desired future. It's about understanding that true safety and freedom often lie beyond the boundaries of comfort and familiarity. The Inner Gambit is about strategic thinking - akin to a chess player anticipating their opponent's moves and positioning themselves for success. It's not about taking risks blindly, but about making informed decisions with the potential for great rewards. It's about assessing outcomes, weighing risks and benefits, and having the courage to move forward despite uncertainty. This concept defies societal norms and expectations, challenging the notion that success can only be achieved through conventional means. It empowers individuals to break free from limitations imposed by others and create their own path toward fulfilment and happiness. Ultimately, the Inner Gambit is a personal journey that varies for everyone, as we all have unique definitions of success and the life we desire. It's about taking ownership of our lives, trusting our instincts, and having the audacity to pursue our dreams. So, embrace the Inner Gambit, and let me guide you in making daring decisions. Embody calculated risk-taking, strategic moves, and a mindset that challenges the status quo. Trust in yourself, embrace uncertainty, and seize the opportunities that come your way. It is through the Inner Gambit that we truly have the opportunity to shape our destinies in extraordinary ways, create a life that is authentic and fulfilling, and live a life that is true to our deepest desires.

No more looking outside for validation, no more telling yourself you'll be "good enough" once you hit that next milestone . . . you will walk away from the Mastermind with unshakeable core confidence, living an INTENTIONALLY designed Life.

The Last Program You'll Ever Need,

I Don't say that, MY CLIENTS DO.

introducing the inner gambit: Funding Mastery for female founders

The Inner Gambit program is designed to guide you through this process, helping you to understand:


**1. Why You're Stuck**: Many times, we feel trapped without knowing why. It could be due to societal expectations, self-doubt, or a lack of clear goals. Understanding the reasons behind feeling stuck is the first step towards breaking free.

**2. Identifying Barriers**: What's really holding you back from achieving your dreams? These barriers could be deep-rooted beliefs, past experiences, or fear of the unknown. The Inner Gambit program helps you uncover and address these barriers.

**3. Your Desired Impact**: The program also assists in understanding the kind of impact you want to make on the world. This could be making a change in your community or creating a positive influence through your actions.

**4. Shifting Your Identity**: Lastly, the Inner Gambit program helps you unleash your potential by guiding you through an identity shift. This involves redefining who you are and what you're capable of, enabling you to take charge of your power and transform it into tangible results.

By going through this program, you'll gain a clear understanding of your current situation, the barriers you need to overcome, the impact you want to make, and how to shift your identity to achieve your goals. This journey of self-exploration and transformation will help you break through the inner glass ceiling and pave the way to the next level.

Inner Gambit Program

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The first step towards overcoming an issue is in acknowledgement of the problem itself.


Our Services


Michelle's literary contributions, "Rebel Woman, Baring my Battle Wounds and Learning to Love the Scars" and "Who The F*** Are You, Shift Your Identity, Shift Your Life", are both profound and impactful.

"Rebel Woman, Baring my Battle Wounds and Learning to Love the Scars" is a candid memoir, presenting Michelle's journey through life's trials and tribulations. This book serves as a testament to her resilience, showcasing how she learned to embrace not just the victories, but also the wounds that shaped her into the person she is today. The story is brazen and unapologetic, highlighting her strength and bravery in overcoming personal battles.

On the other hand, "Who The F*** Are You, Shift Your Identity, Shift Your Life" is a transformative self-help book. It offers readers a practical guide to redefining their identity and, in turn, reshaping their life. Drawing from her own experiences and professional expertise as an Identity Shift Architect, Michelle provides valuable insights into the process of self-discovery and change. This book is not just about surviving; it's about thriving and becoming the best version of yourself.

Both books reflect Michelle's dedication to helping others navigate their life's journey. They serve as guideposts for those brave enough to confront their own battles and make significant shifts in their lives. Through her written works, Michelle continues to inspire and guide countless individuals on their path to success.


Click on the book image to purchase.

Who The F___ Are You, Michelle Margaret Marques


unleash your inner gambit keynote speech

Bloody Hell Chelle Podcast

Bloody Hell Chelle: Bold, Brilliant, Barrier Breaking Women, Building Empires" is a podcast dedicated to celebrating the audacious spirit of female entrepreneurs.


This is a platform where we delve into the journeys of fearless women who have dared to break barriers and build empires. Each episode is a testament to the tenacity, creativity, and brilliance of women in the business world. We bring you inspiring stories of triumph, resilience, and innovation, straight from the women who are making their mark.


Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur, a budding businesswoman, or simply someone who admires the grit and determination of trailblazing women, this podcast is for you. Join us as we explore the world of female entrepreneurship, one empowering story at a time.


IDEAL AUDIENCE: Corporate, Entrepreneurs, Athletes, and General Audiences and can be tailored for Leadership, Sales, and your Specific Industry. Ideal Audience for the 'Inner Gambit' Keynote Speech The 'Inner Gambit' keynote speech is designed to resonate with a broad range of audiences. Whether you're a corporate professional striving for excellence, an entrepreneur pushing boundaries to innovate, an athlete seeking to elevate your performance, or just an individual desiring to live a more fulfilling life, this keynote has powerful insights for you. **Corporate Professionals** In today's fast-paced corporate world, the 'Inner Gambit' principle can empower individuals to make daring decisions, challenge the status quo, and step outside their comfort zones. It can inspire them to harness their fear as a catalyst for change and can offer strategic thinking tools to navigate complex business landscapes. **Entrepreneurs** For entrepreneurs, the 'Inner Gambit' can provide valuable insights into risk-taking, strategic decision-making, and trusting instincts. It encourages them to break free from conventional thinking, push their boundaries, and create their unique path towards success. **Athletes** Athletes can benefit from the 'Inner Gambit' by learning to harness fear and uncertainty and channel it into performance. The keynote can equip them with tools to anticipate outcomes, make informed decisions, and strategically position themselves for success, much like a chess player in the game of life. **General Audiences** The 'Inner Gambit' can inspire anyone seeking to live a life that's authentic, fulfilling, and true to their deepest desires. It empowers individuals to defy societal norms, challenge themselves, and dare to step into the unknown. The 'Inner Gambit' keynote speech can also be tailored for specific audiences, such as Leadership teams, Sales departments, and various industry professionals. By understanding the unique challenges and opportunities of these groups, the keynote can offer tailored insights to help them navigate their paths using the 'Inner Gambit' philosophy.

VALUE FOR THE AUDIENCE The 'Inner Gambit' keynote speech provides substantial value to the audience in several ways: 1. Personal and Professional Growth The keynote encourages audience members to step out of their comfort zones, both personally and professionally. It promotes strategic risk-taking and decision-making, which can lead to significant growth and advancement. 2. Empowerment With its emphasis on defying societal norms and expectations, the 'Inner Gambit' empowers audience members to take control of their lives and create their own paths to fulfillment and happiness. 3. Practical Tools and Strategies The keynote provides practical tools and strategies for strategic thinking, informed decision-making, and harnessing fear as a catalyst for change. These can be applied in various aspects of life, from personal challenges to business decisions. 4. Inspiration and Motivation Through personal anecdotes and insights, Michelle inspires and motivate audience members to make bold moves and pursue their dreams, even in the face of fear and uncertainty. 5. Tailored Insights The 'Inner Gambit' can be tailored to specific audiences, such as Leadership teams, Sales departments, and various industry professionals, providing them with insights relevant to their unique challenges and opportunities. 6. Enhanced Engagement and Loyalty Enhanced audience engagement by resonating with their values and aspirations. This can foster loyalty and make the audience more invested in the content, potentially leading to positive outcomes such as increased participation, improved performance, and higher satisfaction. 7. Authentic Value Delivers authentic value to the audience by focusing on real-life experiences and practical applications. This can make the content more impactful and memorable, helping audience members get more out of the experience. In summary, the 'Inner Gambit' keynote speech offers a unique blend of personal insights, practical strategies, and motivational content, all designed to provide substantial value to the audience. It encourages individuals to redefine their approach to life, embrace uncertainty, and seize opportunities, ultimately helping them shape their destinies in extraordinary ways.

5 Key Takeaways from the 'Inner Gambit' Keynote Speech 1. Embrace Strategic Risk-Taking The 'Inner Gambit' philosophy encourages us to step out of our comfort zones and take calculated risks. It's not about being reckless, but about making informed decisions that can lead to significant growth and advancement. 2. Harness Fear as a Catalyst for Change Fear is a natural response to stepping into the unknown, but it can be harnessed as a powerful catalyst for change. The 'Inner Gambit' teaches us to use our fear to propel us forward rather than hold us back. 3. Defy Societal Norms and Expectations The 'Inner Gambit' challenges the notion that success can only be achieved through conventional means. It empowers us to create our own path to fulfillment and happiness, breaking free from the limitations imposed by societal norms and expectations. 4. Trust Your Instincts Trusting our instincts is a crucial part of the 'Inner Gambit.' Even when it's terrifying, we should listen to our inner voice and have the audacity to pursue our deepest desires and dreams. 5. Take Ownership of Your Life The 'Inner Gambit' promotes personal responsibility and empowerment. It encourages us to take ownership of our lives, make bold decisions, and shape our destinies in extraordinary ways.

This transformative experience is designed to encourage you to challenge societal norms, push your boundaries, and step out of your comfort zone, all with the goal of enhancing your personal and professional life.

Michelle Margaret Marques developed the concept of the 'Inner Gambit' through personal experiences, including a daring decision to leave everything familiar behind and venture into the unknown. This bold philosophy isn't about reckless risk-taking; it's about strategic, calculated moves that harness fear as a catalyst for change.

During the keynote, Michelle will delve into the essence of the 'Inner Gambit,' drawing parallels with the strategic thinking of a chess player. They will explain how this approach involves anticipating outcomes, making informed decisions, and having the courage to move forward despite uncertainty.

This is more than a speech; it's an invitation to defy societal expectations and create your own path toward fulfillment and happiness. The 'Inner Gambit' is a personal journey that encourages you to take ownership of your life, trust your instincts, and have the audacity to pursue your dreams.

Book this experience and let your audience explore this unique philosophy. Help them "Unleash Their Inner Gambit," and let it guide them in making daring decisions and strategic moves that challenge the status quo. Trust in themselves, embrace uncertainty, and seize the opportunities that come their way.

We invite you to step into this brave space, be challenged with care, push boundaries, and celebrate vulnerability. The 'Inner Gambit' is your opportunity to shape your destiny in extraordinary ways, create a life that is authentic and fulfilling, and live a life true to your deepest desires.

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your approach to life and embrace the audacious spirit of the 'Inner Gambit.'

INCLUSIONS WHEN YOU BOOK MICHELLE A pre-event 60s Custom Marketing Video to spark interest of attendees Pre-event guided discovery call to leave no stones unturned for keynote development A customized keynote that creates an unforgettable experience and nails your theme Pre/Post Event podcast with your company Post event: Custom 60 minute group training with accompanying PDF to help attendees implement On stage survey results delivered FREE Daily podcast access FREE Workbook for attendees FREE Personalized quiz access for attendees FREE Access to Online Training Course value $497 for attendees

This is Not Therapy!


This is not gentle life coaching.

This is not the conventional ‘believe in yourself and you will succeed’ bullshit.


You know you can succeed. You have. You believe in yourself already, so that advice is useless to you. You know that there is more that you can offer and that it is just beyond your grasp. You need to move to the next phase with intention!


This is Bespoke Identity-Shifting, I costume make every coaching experience. My approach is one of fearless coaching that begins with us going deep and finding your hidden potential. 


I will challenge you.

I will call you out on your bullshit, yes, that same spiel you dole out to keep people at bay won’t work on me.

I will reset your focus, your life, and your dreams by clearing away the garbage and weeds setting you up with a clean canvas on which to begin.


Are you ready to stop fitting into life and create a life that fits YOU?


If you are, simply book a no-obligation call to find out.

 In any given moment, we have two options: To step forward into growth, or to step back into safety. – Abraham Maslow

Michelle Margaret Marques

I'm not for everyone

I'm not for those who only “kinda, sorta, maybe” want to change;

those who are afraid to make mistakes and fail;

those who complain and blame others.

I'm not for you if you aren’t ready to show up to each session fully engaged;

 if you're cynical about having feelings;

if you're not ready to make a minimum investment of at least four figures in yourself, and

you're not ready to work harder than you've ever worked in your life. 

We're not for each other if you don’t want to create an undeniable impact

or you're not ready to explore creating a mission that feels so impossible it inspires you

to never stop exploring, growing, developing, and being a powerful leader in all areas of your life.


However, if you are a female entrepreneur or work in a male-dominated sector, philanthropist or you want to be one or all three and you want to make a bigger impact, more income, with more peace and ease, and step into who you were born to be.

You know what success takes in life, work, and play and you know you're
ready to INTENTIONALLY LEVEL UP and create the life that fits you, I'm for YOU! 


Woman Walking Around

A few who have taken the plunge
with me

It’s sometimes difficult to put into words how to describe someone who has impacted your life.
There is so much to say but words rarely do it justice. This is how I feel about Michelle. She is a transformational person who is on a different level. She goes deep when she works with you and helps you achieve things that once seemed impossible. Her commitment to her clients and their goals is like nothing I have ever experienced before.


Michelle’s passion for helping people succeed are apparent in her work and she takes a great deal of care in ensuring her clients progress and make powerful life changes. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone who is looking for next-level growth and someone who desires change within their lives. She is a one of a kind coach and I am privileged to know her. Thank you for your phenomenal work, Michelle. I truly appreciate you and what you have done to help me! 


Tara LaFon Gooch


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