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Let's go deep...

Deeper than you've ever gone before – where the true and potent essence of you lives, and nothing is impossible.

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If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough.

Who you are

You're a visionary change-maker on the cusp of greatness

You’re a risk-taker and fear-conqueror

You awake each day confident in your ability to bring about change

You know what success takes—in life, work, and play

You easily get everyone around you to come over to your side

People respect you for your ideas; they are drawn to you

You’re surrounded by deep love, excitement and intimacy

You’re working to create a better world because that makes life more meaningful

You know your life is amazing, right now!


So, what’s missing? 

Things are really good

You’ve achieved great things … and yet, it feels like there's still something much bigger inside you
You are recognised for being extremely powerful with a huge vision, however, deep inside, you know that there's even more impact you can bring to the world...




You’re working so hard, you’re over-extending yourself and your personal life is suffering

You feel like you’re operating below your true capacity; you’re bored and concerned that one day someone will see it

You feel like there’s no one who will tell you the truth and challenge you because everyone wants your approval

You’re frustrated with your team because they just don't “get it” and everything is taking too long

You’re beginning to understand that what brought you to these heights no longer serve you as well anymore, and something

much more is required

Your vision that thing inside you, won’t let you rest. You know there is greatness inside you and you have to find a way to transcend and realise your highest vision for your life.

Are you ready to transcend?

Why you'll love
working with me

I am Michelle,

I am unlike anyone you’ll ever meet. I’m a revolutionary; a rebel. I bring radical authenticity and radical honesty to my leadership practice. I’m a natural disruptor, actively seeking to destroy what’s not working – in my life – and yours if you choose work with me.


In my life, I have risen above enormous challenges. Through it all I knew there was greatness in me; important things that I needed to do in this one incredible life I had been given and nothing was going to hold me back. Now, through my work, the relationships I have built and the incredible women I work with, I continue to rise.

Unapologetic and fierce, I lead from where I live. My life is a testament to what living with courage, authenticity and purpose looks like. I have created the impossible in my life and I know I can guide you to that place within yourself – from where you will manifest the highest vision for your life.


This is my personal vision and mission. I know that when I help a client 10X her impact and 10X her income while multiplying her peace, that I am living the highest vision for my life.

Are you ready to live the highest vision for yours?

What makes me so good? 

All of life, the light and the dark, is for me 

When I began writing my memoir This Woman (now Rebel Woman), I wanted to help women unlock the champion inside. It was through that often painful process of revisiting the past – the good, the bad and the ugly – that I realised that leadership was absolutely and utterly my purpose – and it had been for the 16 years leading up to it, I just didn’t know it then.


It was my calling, my soul’s purpose and what all my life’s experience had been building up to. I was struck by this revelation that all of life, the light and the dark, all that had happened to me up until that point, had happened for me and not to me.


I realised in that moment, that everything I would ever need was deep inside of me and that I just needed to let it be just who it was – me – a rebel, a disruptor, a revolutionary force for women.


What makes me a bloody good leader? I see the infinite potential in you and I will lead you through your challenges and inspire you to take action like you have never done before. What you can achieve will shock you to your core because I make you see that your vision is not a place to get to but a place to come from. There is more, infinitely more that you can be and do with your one incredible life.

My approach is raw and real. I don’t hold back and you are encouraged to do the same. I have found and my clients have
too, that it’s in that place of deep discomfort that transformation and ultimately manifestation takes place. There is no other way.

Are you ready to go further and higher than you've ever gone before?

"What a beautiful gift you are!"

My entire life shifted in the time I spent with her. I am beyond grateful. I am implementing the super easy, yet totally effective strategies she offered me on a daily basis. It has allowed me to continue manifesting in the great energies we discovered together. I will recommend her to anyone who desires positive change and happiness in their life!

Lisa Anderson, Coach

Who I work with

I work with women who have great vision and feel that there’s more for them to give, be and create. They know that applying themselves to discover, invent, create, or solve a problem, in the service of humanity is the highest vision they for themselves.

I work with women who are passionate in life, work and play. They devote themselves to the things that matter to them. I work with women who take risks they’ve done – who enjoyed amazing successes and survived spectacular failures in the past.

They know the riches that risk-taking brings and they are willing to live in that uncomfortable zone because that's where the magic happens. Women like these use fear as their compass point – they know their deep desires are just on the other side. I work with women who are high achievers. They enjoy success in their business, their lives, and their relationships, and know what that takes and feels like. Regardless of where they are right now in their lives, they have a strong sense of what they can achieve on their own and they know they can achieve more. I work with women who take action. No coaxing necessary. I work with women who work hard at being their highest possible self. 

I work with women who inspire me!

The Experience

In our transformational, 60-minute ‘Emergence Leadership Call' we meet 1:1 via Zoom during which...

- I lead you through a powerful process
- Your life's greatest vision will be revealed
- I introduce you to your infinite potential
- I help you overcome limiting beliefs, so you can step fully into who you’re meant to be.


The insights you receive during this call are powerful. You will connect to your deeper vision like never before and find the courage to say YES to yourself. I guarantee it.



I work with women who are referred to me or who have inspired me. I personally invite them to a powerful emergence leadership 

conversation. If you are here on this page, then either you know me, or someone thinks so much of you that they sent you my way.


You and I work together for 6-12 months. Anything less than that won't set you up for the complete transformation you are after. 

Before we begin, ask yourself these questions...


For how many years have you wanted to make your highest possible mark in the world?

For how many years have you longed for that deep, love-filled, passionate life, and the experience of living each day as the powerful being you know deep down you are?

For how many years have you made do with “almost” and "good enough"?

If you're ready, REALLY READY, to claim these things for yourself once and for all then I invite you to start with a 60-minute, no-charge Emergence Call.

Transformation is on the other side of that call!

Work with me if you want to...


your income


your impact


your peace

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I’ve been growing towards leading driven women my entire life, I recognise myself in each woman yearning to overcome her struggle. 


I am not a coach, coaching is just one of the tools I use. Sometimes I'm a consultant, sometimes I'm a trusted adviser, sometimes I'm a coach, sometimes I'm a thinking partner and sometimes I'm a hybrid of all or some.


However, what I am always is a leader for powerful women, I help them remember just how bloody powerful they are and step into whom they were always meant to be. 


I'm not for everyone

I'm not for those who only “kinda, sorta, maybe” want to change;

those who are afraid to make mistakes and fail;

those who complain and blame others.

I'm not for you if you aren’t ready to show up to each session fully engaged;

 if you're cynical about having feelings; and

you're not ready to work harder than you've ever worked in your life. 

We're not for each other if you don’t want to create a huge impact

or you're not ready to explore creating a mission that feels so impossible it inspires you

to never stop exploring, growing, developing, and being a leader in all areas of your life.


However, if you know what success takes in life, work, and play and you know you're
ready to REBEL UP , I'm for you. 



Available to Order Now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble 

Rebel Woman, previously titled This Woman, is an inspiring and intimate memoir; a personal invitation from Michelle Margaret Marques to share in the many turbulent and triumphant experiences that have profoundly shaped her life for the better.


Starting out as a child in Glasgow, Michelle’s story is a brazen tale of living with fire in her hair and becoming the woman she was meant to be by learning to take her power back every step of the way. With shocking honesty and humour, Michelle takes you on a journey through her child abuse, a near-death experience, the loss of her mum and hero, time spent in prison, the birth of who she is today, and much more. Rebel Woman is a prime example of the awakening anyone can come to in life when their perspective changes from, “why is this happening to me?” to “life is happening for me and not to me.”


Rebel Woman, now freshly transformed, will lovingly challenge you to your core—how you view yourself and even the world around you. Michelle is on a mission to pay forward her gained wisdom and knowledge to women all across the globe; inspiring them to embrace the human experience, take back Self, and have the courage to own it all… the good, the bad, and the occasional ugly. No matter what you want from life, if you’re ready to take your power back, collect and nurture Self, and dare to own it all, then Rebel Woman is the book for you! 


"Marques does not mess. From the opening chapter, this distinctly feminine experience of poverty and adversity is frank, harrowing and inspiring."

Darren McGarvey, bestselling author of Poverty Safari

and 2018 Orwell Prize winner.


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