Who The F___ Are You, Michelle Margaret Marques
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Who The F*** Are You, Michelle Margaret Marques

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Michelle Margaret Marques


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"Anyone Who Wants To Discover Who The F*** They Are Should Read This Book!"

Steve D Sims
Best Selling Author of Bluefishing 


Michelle Margaret Marques

You've Succeeded, You're Driven by Purpose, You Set The World Alight! 


There’s much more you have to offer, but for some reason, you’re stuck, you’re lonely, and you’ve grown complacent.


All that changes today!



Michelle Margaret Marques
Great Questions

Congratulations, you’ve reached the top.

You're an extraordinary leader pulled by a huge purpose!

The first step towards overcoming an issue is in acknowledgement of the problem itself.


  • You want to go higher but no one seems to understand you and that innate drive to go further.

  • You’ve also realised just how lonely it is up here.

  • You’re no longer challenged, you’re not pushed anymore, and you most certainly need some sort of shake-up.

  • You know that there is a problem, and you need to get past it, but you can’t seem to find the right guidance.

  • You want more impact and more income.

  • You want to step into who you really are.

  • You need a life design consultant.

What is a life design consultant?



Michelle Margaret Marques

Why you'll love
working with me

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My name is Michelle Margaret Marques, and I am here for one reason, and one reason only: To push you further than you’ve ever been by delving deeper than you ever have.


I am an award-winning influential leader and entrepreneur. A life design consultant, and a thinking partner innately gifted with recognising potential and a wealth of skills and experience, hard-won through a difficult life.


I’ve been through the trenches of the battles of life, and through winning my war, I learnt valuable lessons which I’ve unpacked to create packages that assist you in reaching new heights of success.



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Crea Global Awards 2022
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 If You're Dreams don't Scare You, They're Not Big Enough! 

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A Few People Who Have Taken The Plunge With Me...


"What a beautiful gift you are!"

My entire life shifted in the time I spent with her. I am beyond grateful. I am implementing the super easy, yet totally effective strategies she offered me on a daily basis. It has allowed me to continue manifesting in the great energies we discovered together. I will recommend her to anyone who desires positive change and happiness in their life!

Lisa Anderson, Coach

Michelle Margaret Marques

This is Not Therapy!


This is not gentle life coaching.

This is not the conventional ‘believe in yourself and you will succeed’ bullshit.


You know you can succeed. You have. You believe in yourself already, so that advice is useless to you. You know that there is more that you can offer and that it is just beyond your grasp. You need to move to the next phase with intention!


This is Bespoke Life Design, I costume make every coaching experience. My approach is one of fearless coaching that begins with us going deep and finding your hidden potential. 


I will challenge you.

I will call you out on your bullshit, yes, that same spiel you dole out to keep people at bay won’t work on me.

I will reset your focus, your life, and your dreams by clearing away the garbage and weeds setting you up with a clean canvas on which to begin.


Are you ready to stop fitting into life and create a life that fits YOU?


If you are, simply book a no-obligation call to find out.

 In any given moment, we have two options: To step forward into growth, or to step back into safety. – Abraham Maslow

Great Leaders Know When They Need To Ask For Help


And who better to ask than someone who wrote the book on the subject?


My courses are much more than anything you’ll read in my best-selling book, Who The F*** Are You?

Depending on where you want your life to go, I offer 6 – 12-month packages to achieve your complete transformation.

Anything less, and I will be doing a disservice to you and your success.

Along with my dedicated program, I also offer advice and support for when you need it most.


You can view a comprehensive service breakdown here.


Change is on the other side of that call!

Who The F___ Are You, Michelle Margaret Marques
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Michelle has written and self-published two books, and is among the pioneers of Rich Litvin Transition excellence ICF certified coaches. She is also a Mindvalley certified Holobody Coach, putting her methods ahead of the cutting edge in mindset and health practices. Her coaching style has helped hundreds of people change their mindset and become the person they were born to be.


Her clients include leaders who are led by their integrity, vision, and purpose. Her bold, fierce approach to coaching supports the kind of clients whom you may not believe would need to change their thinking.


Her personal big picture is to impact one billion women around the globe. She fights against sex trafficking, she plans to help end child marriage and ensure millions of girls are able to continue with their education. Her company’s transformative mission is starting schools with the primary focus on two things: Quality Education and Reduced Inequality.


“We’re creating schools with a unique perspective to educate millions of girls.”





I'm not for everyone

I'm not for those who only “kinda, sorta, maybe” want to change;

those who are afraid to make mistakes and fail;

those who complain and blame others.

I'm not for you if you aren’t ready to show up to each session fully engaged;

 if you're cynical about having feelings;

if you're not ready to make a minimum investment of at least four figures in yourself, and

you're not ready to work harder than you've ever worked in your life. 

We're not for each other if you don’t want to create an undeniable impact

or you're not ready to explore creating a mission that feels so impossible it inspires you

to never stop exploring, growing, developing, and being a powerful leader in all areas of your life.


However, if you are a female entrepreneur or you want to be and you want to make a bigger impact, more income and step into who you were born to be. You know what success takes in life, work, and play and you know you're
ready to INTENTIONALLY LEVEL UP and create the life that fits you, I'm for YOU! 

Rebel Woman

Available to Order Now in our Shop, on Amazon, and Barnes & Noble 


Rebel Woman, previously titled This Woman, is an inspiring and intimate memoir; a personal invitation from Michelle Margaret Marques to share in the many turbulent and triumphant experiences that have profoundly shaped her life for the better.


Starting out as a child in Glasgow, Michelle’s story is a brazen tale of living with fire in her hair and becoming the woman she was meant to be by learning to take her power back every step of the way. With shocking honesty and humour, Michelle takes you on a journey through her child abuse, a near-death experience, the loss of her mum and hero, time spent in prison, the birth of who she is today, and much more. Rebel Woman is a prime example of the awakening anyone can come to in life when their perspective changes from, “why is this happening to me?” to “life is happening for me and not to me.”


Rebel Woman, now freshly transformed, will lovingly challenge you to your core—how you view yourself and even the world around you. Michelle is on a mission to pay forward her gained wisdom and knowledge to women all across the globe; inspiring them to embrace the human experience, take back Self, and have the courage to own it all… the good, the bad, and the occasional ugly. No matter what you want from life, if you’re ready to take your power back, collect and nurture Self, and dare to own it all, then Rebel Woman is the book for you! 


Rebel Woman Baring My Battle Wounds and Learning to Love the Scars has achieved critical acclaim. One reader celebrated it as “A master class memoir for women on taking back personal power and living from pure rebel energy.

"Marques does not mess about. From the opening chapter, this distinctly feminine experience of poverty and adversity is frank, harrowing and inspiring."

Darren McGarvey, bestselling author of Poverty Safari

and 2018 Orwell Prize winner.


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